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Aviation Regulations Updates


Aviation Regulations Updates is the industry's most comprehensive source of up-to-date European aviation regulatory information.

Updated monthly, Aviation Regulations Updates keeps you up-to-date with recent and proposed changes to EU Regulations and EASA Agency Measures relating to air operations and airworthiness. In addition, we also review and highlight information published by the UK CAA where relevant.

Material is reviewed and articles added as soon as practicable after publication by EASA, the European Commission, or the UK CAA, as applicable.

Latest Updates

EASA Technical Publications

Easy Access Rules for Air Operations – now available online as a free download

The merged and easy-to-read document includes:

Easy Access Rules for Air operations

  • the Air Operations Implementing Regulation EU 965/2012 including all its amending regulations up to EU 2015/2338
  • all respective Acceptable Means of Compliance/Guidance Material (AMC/GM)
  • CS-FTL.1.

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Easy Access Rules for Initial Airworthiness – now available online as a free download

EASA Initial Airworthiness

Easy Access Rules for Part-21, Airworthiness and Environmental Certification. This document includes the Implementing Rules (IR) and the Acceptable Means of Compliance/Guidance Material (AMC/GM) in a merged, easy-to-read format. It will be updated within a certain time period after each substantial change to the IR and/or AMC&GM.

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Easy Access Rules for Continuing Airworthiness

EASA Continuing Airworthiness

The Easy Access rules for Part-M, Part-145, Part-66 and Part-147 are going to be produced and published in the course of Jan-March 2016. In order to get notified, you can sign up here (tick the ‘Technical Publications’ box).

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25/08/2016   New UK Air Navigation Order (ANO) 2016

Following a significant level of consultation and review, the Air Navigation Order 2016 is revised to help simplify the General Aviation (GA) regulatory framework. The UK CAA informs us that it formalises many of the changes that have already been made and will help make the rules easier to understand. The CAA also states that it provides the foundation for a simpler and more proportionate approach to the regulation of many GA activities that fall under national (and not European) regulation. The structure has been substantially changed to help pilots (and others involved in the operation of non-EASA aircraft) find the information that they need more easily. Full details can be found here.

We advise all parties to fully familiarise themselves with the revised document.