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David Innes

David Innes
As our Civil Aviation Regulations leader, David has been responsible for establishing and developing many of our major quality assurance and audit programmes.
David has been instrumental in delivering to many of our Regulatory Authority clients, including:

  • Isle of Man Aircraft Registry
  • EASA
  • UK CAA
  • Hong Kong CAD

Our Civil Aviation Regulations Leadership

Civil Aviation Regulations

Civil Aviation Regulations Expertise

"Understanding the fundamental principles behind your Aviation Regulations is the essential precursor to its successful application"

Our Expertise

Baines Simmons expertise areas of Civil Regulatory expertise covers:

Airworthiness : Human Factors : Safety Management Systems : Air Operations

Successful adoption and practical interpretation of new regulation can be difficult – this is what makes us different!

Baines Simmons consultants have worked for National Aviation Authorities; they have built careers being involved in regulatory and policy development. We all share something in common at Baines Simmons – we all have a passion for assisting individuals and organisations to successfully implement regulation – unlike many other providers, we will not just regurgitate the rules to you.

Today, our consultants sit on many industry and regulatory working groups and provide input and regular contributions to emerging EASA regulatory developments.

Your Baines Simmons service will go far beyond the written Regulations. Our expert consultant’s philosophy and commitment is to practically help you to use and apply the Regulations. We aim to make you more confident and effective in your role and assist your business to perform better.

Our civil regulations expertise covers


EASA Part 145

EASA Part 147

EASA Part 66

EASA Part 21

Continuing Airworthiness requirements

Approved Maintenance Organisation

Approved Maintenance Training Organisation

Certifying Staff

Subpart G - Production Organisation Approval and Subpart J - Design Organisation Approval

we will work with you

Our technical and regulatory expertise can help you to stay on top of regulatory or policy change. We will ensure you fully understand your regulatory obligations and duties. Our expertise will give you knowledge, advice and the application skills to confidently operate existing and emerging regulations changes and interpretation.

We are market leading experts in regulation and the successful working implementation of regulations across your organisation. Our expertise is not just knowledge transfer - we seek opportunities through regulation to make your businesses better; we seek to highlight and communicate the guiding principals and not just focus on the regulatory clauses. This approach enables you and your team to adopt a more constructive and practical approach to implementation and compliance management.

Our Regulatory support services can be provisioned through an ongoing retainer for an outsourced managed service or purchased on an individual project level through consulting support. Our market leading training courses guarantee you an expert training consultant when attending an in-company or open course training programmes.

Why us? Our track record

In training terms we are constantly engaged by national regulators and EASA to provide regulatory training to their organisations. We were recently selected and awarded the largest range of training courses to EASA. Over 10,000 delegates across the world have used our services consistently giving our training a90%+ excellent or good rating.

In consulting terms we have been recently appointed consulting partners to the Isle of Man Government for the design, development and policy formulation of their new aircraft registry. In some parts of the world we have conducted selected audits on national regulators.

Our Managed Services is a service available to support Aircraft Registries to execute policy’s, regulations and recommend certificates of airworthiness and certificates of registration. Our Aircraft Survey managed service is available to support volume based Aircraft Surveys in UK and Europe, across multiple locations with the objective of ensuring airworthiness, safety of aircraft and compliance with ICAO standards. This service is designed to work for Registration Authorities to operate a friendly, customer focused service with the skills, processes and knowledge to recommend Airworthiness Certification for the registration of high quality private jets, corporate jets and turbine engine helicopters. We manage documentations, procedures and conduct aircraft surveys around the world.

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Civil Aviation Regulations

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