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Civil Aviation Overview - Managing Safety and Risk

Global Aviation Safety - The Issues

The global civil aviation market is predicted to continue experiencing enormous pressures to increase air traffic capacity and movements. This trend is against the backdrop for higher asset utilisation, larger fleets, continuous cost overhead reductions, falling unit ticket revenues and ever demanding customer service improvements. All of these drivers apply pressure points on Aviation Safety Management.

Regulatory Development

The civil aviation market has responded to these challenges with ever increasing regulation and compliance guidance materials initiating significant change around the world.

Notably, in Europe the development of a single central body The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is working with national regulatory organisations to harmonise standards and promote best practice in aviation safety.

EASA Part145 Human Factors and Error Management is a material element of the Regulation and ICAO have mandated that Safety Management Systems will be required by January 2009 for all Operators, Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness Organisations.

Baines Simmons services are designed to improve your management of safety and air worthiness best practices and assist your understanding, compliance and above all practical application of all these emerging legislations.  

Supporting your challenges

We offer expertise to support change and learning challenges across Maintenance, Continuing Airworthiness and Operator organisations.

In accord with the Regulators, Baines Simmons promotes voluntary and effective implementation rather than mandatory and compliant approaches to safety. We believe effective implementation must come from cultures and knowledge within.

We are 100% committed to offering our clients partnership support for advice, guidance and training across key areas of compliance to existing and emerging regulation...all with the clear objective of safety and business efficiency improvement.

We offer professional services that deliver real cost effective solutions that are designed to meet the requirements of your business, your hangars and your boardroom.

Our Goal

To become your
offering "EXPERTISE",
to your staff, management and board room for aviation safety and airworthiness support.


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