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Human Factors Expertise

Managing the human factor element causing incidents and accidents is a key safety goal of the aviation industry today.

Our Human Factors expertise refers to environmental, organisational, job factors and the human and individual characteristics which influence behaviors at work in a way which can affect safety and performance.

Our Expertise

Baines Simmons is a proven world leader in analysis, design, build and implementation of Human Factors programmes, focussed on error and fatigue management to the Aviation industry.

We combine world class consulting services and training courses to deliver realisable business benefits far beyond compliance that builds HF awareness and inspires organisational and individual HF leadership effectiveness.

How we will work with you

We aim to inspire a responsible, open reporting (error and fatigue) and learning culture that embeds an effective Safety Management System.

Our expert Human Factors engineers evaluate "Human to Human," "Human to Group," "Human to Organisational," and "Human to Machine" interactions to better understand these interactions and to develop a framework for evaluation.

Human error Shift work Fatigue management
Organisational culture Procedures and procedure use Communication
Workload on the human Safety Workload on the human
Decision making Human reliability Stress

Human Factors professionals are involved with an infinite number of factors grouped around the job, the individual and the organisation.

We believe the goal of Human Factors engineering is to maximize the ability of an individual or team to operate and maintain a system at required levels by eliminating design-induced difficulty and error. In the design of large systems, we focus on organisational culture, personnel, training, and operating procedures.

Our associates can help you manage the fatigue risk which your organisation and employees are exposed. Our approach to this process includes a number of stages including Assessment, Policy Development, Designs to mitigate hazards (for example, healthier shift patterns, training, and incident investigation) and Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness.

We can offer a range of Fatigue Risk Management System flexible training packages that can be tailored to fit the needs of small and large organisations.

Why us? Our track record

We have trained over 30,000 people in over 200 organisations across 4 continents.

Our market leading training courses provide transformational methods and processes that empower you to monitor and improve the effectiveness of your Error Management System and accurately assess your levels of compliance to EASA Part-145.

Our expert consultants can assist you with practical approaches to make your system resilient to error, apply the latest advanced knowledge of key HF principles, tools and techniques and help you to measure the effectiveness of your Human Factors and organisational learning culture.

Our experts have developed and delivered fatigue management training programmes for flight crew and schedulers, conducted flight crew actigraphy studies, designed and analysed flight crew surveys, and conducted work hour fatigue-modelling studies across the aviation industry.

Discover how we can assist you and your organisation
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Human Factors Training

Human Factors

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