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Defence Aviation Consulting Services

What are our areas of defence expertise?

We operate as consultants to several major UK organisations at the heart of UK Defence aviation, including the newly formed Military Aviation Authority(MAA), Army, RAF, Royal Navy, DE&S, Rolls-Royce Defence Aerospace and BAE Systems. We offer a wealth of experience and proven expertise.

Our world class consulting activities focus on all aspects of Aviation Safety and Risk Management - safety culture surveys and development, SMS implementation, design and implementation of Error Management Systems, MAOS regulatory support, Safety Management Reviews, Quality Assurance, Organisational Approvals, Management System Diagnostics, Management competence development / coaching, Human Factors programmes etc.

What do we offer?

We can offer you access to expert, impartial, defence experienced aviation professionals that understand the Defence world. We fully understand you have limited budgets and seek good value, and therefore we have developed a unique range of comprehensive consulting services and rapid diagnostic tools to help you more clearly understand your issues, opportunities and priorities.

We offer strategic, management and technical level consulting services that will drive your programme and projects through to successful outcomes. Our “cloud - journey” modelling assists you to keep on course and retain sight of the big picture. We offer support services to Design, Manufacturing, Air Operations, Airworthiness Management, Maintenance, Air Traffic and Ground Support organisations needing Airworthiness, Risk and Safety Management expertise in the Defence Aviation Sector. We support aviation clients of all complexity and size requiring expertise to improve safety, compliance, risk and error management, operational capability and availability and business performance.

The Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS)

Baines Simmons was contracted as a FATS/3 Participating Supplier on the 1st April 2009 following our successful performance under FATS/2. FATS provides a faster and more efficient contractual route for the MOD to procure Technical Support as it offers pre-agreed contract terms and conditions, rates and discounts, and uses standard Tasking Forms.

Participating Suppliers have mapped their capabilities onto the FATS Technology Taxonomy, and this information is available to the Acquisition Community via a Microsoft Excel based search tool called the Market Knowledge Matrix. Inclusion as a FATS Participating Supplier can only be achieved following a rigorous vetting and demonstration of satisfactory performance.

Some examples of our Defence consulting support

We have conducted a major safety culture survey and Error Management Diagnostics (EMD) across 12 Main Operating Bases. We delivered a powerful Error Management Diagnostic report that acted as a roadmap to a full Error Management System for the RAF with follow up policy advice and design plus comprehensive Fatigue Management, Just Culture, Shift Handover and Roles and Responsibilities work flows. This project was specifically cited as a positive development in military aviation safety culture in the Charles Haddon Cave report into the 2006 Nimrod crash in Afghanistan.

We have delivered workshops at RAF High Wycombe to introduce MEMS to all 1 ,2 and 22 group Senior Engineers at the RAF’s “Can Do Safely” campaign. We have acted as a key player in a 5 day RAF ‘lean’ event held at RAF Halton designed to define the MEMS roles and responsibilities for the RAF. We have attended and advised on RAF MEDA review workshops, attended and advised at national RAF Station Error Management System Co-ordinator forums. We have conducted an ‘A3’ (Pilots and Operations) EMD at RAF Lossiemouthand supported the RAF in a revised adapted version of the FAiR® tool in light of the unique RAF operating environment and in service experience of its use.

Royal Navy
A global first, Baines Simmons conducted a ‘4 worlds’ Aviation Error Management Diagnostic for the Fleet Air Arm – this included safety culture surveys and Error Management Diagnostics conducted at RNAS Yeovil and Culdrose as well as periods embarked on two ships with a feedback presentation to the Rear Admiral.

We undertook interviews with all levels of staff operations, air traffic management, maintenance, support operations environment. Baines Simmons consultants conducted their work out in the field travelling by helicopter to an aircraft carrier to carry out interviews with personnel to get a first hand sense of the issues.

Chosen as consultants for the design and implementation of the Defence Aviation Error Management System (DAEMS - driven by Haddon Cave). Our work streams in this area have Included:

  • Just Culture - development of the Defence Aviation FAiR tool
  • Command Commitment - senior leadership level workshops
  • Common Approach - tri-service design consultation for pan defence reporting, investigation, investigation data collection and analysis.
  • Analytical Tool - pan defence analysis tools
    • MEDA HFACS Taxonomy
    • Reporting system development
    • Common Approach to Occurrence Investigation
    • Cost Benefit Analysis
We have completed various work packages including:
  • Maintenance Approved Organisation Scheme (MAOS) Requirements and policy development.
  • Civil versus Military Airworthiness Regulations gap analysis
  • Airworthiness Review Study and Strategy development
  • Mil Part 145 (Def Stan 05-130 MAOS) Maintenance Approvals in Forward Feasibility study
  • Airworthiness Roles and Responsibilities workshops
  • MAOS workshops and training sessions
  • Mil Part 66 study and Def Stan drafting
  • Member of MAA Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) implementation Steering Group
  • Aircraft Maintenance Programme Gap Analysis

How can we support you?

Defence clients engage us for our unique combination of defence and civil aviation expertise. Our services are secured on a project basis and/or retained service contract basis where consistency of support over a long period is required.

We often have an intimate understanding of your operating environment and we are able to bring fresh insights and expert knowledge. We promise to listen to you and understand your needs. We are committed to delivering practical and real value-adding solutions.

Why do Defence clients select us as preferred partners?

  • We operate across the whole sector; Forward, Depth, PT and Policy-Making along with civil partnered organisations.
  • Our activities are professionally executed and are driven to add value.
  • We are trusted by MoD and many of the largest aviation organisations in the world.
  • We focus on practical and pragmatic solutions in the defence operational environment. We have unrivalled experiences and skills in our expert areas
  • Aviation Safety is both our passion and our profession



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