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Changing Times...sometimes require an injection of new expertise, fresh perspectives more experience and trusted advice.

Today we are experiencing enormous changes in the world of Defence Aviation thinking, which involves:- a new strategic defence review, new MoD initiatives, greater inter-organisational cooperation and collaborations, reduced funding and headcount levels, new regulatory structures, new safety cultures and performance improvements amongst others.

Baines Simmons is heavily engaged at the fore-front of some of these big changes, helping to successfully implement and manage Safety and Risk Management and regulatory enhancements in such areas as:

  • A new UK Military Aviation Authority (MAA) to develop and implement military aviation regulations to meet 21st century challenges.
  • A new convergent Joint Services approach to aviation safety management, culture & systems following The Nimrod Review: Haddon-Cave Report 2009.
  • The ongoing Defence Industrial Strategy to work closer with industry.
  • A European Defence Agency commissioning initiatives to improve Europe’s defence performance, including formation of a Military Airworthiness Authority (MAWA) Forum, charged with harmonising military airworthiness arrangements across Europe.

...these are just some of the significant changes Baines Simmons expertise is strategically and operationally equipped to support.

Areas where we Operate

NEW Military Aviation Authority (MAA) & Regulations

A new Military Aviation Authority (MAA) providing the regulatory framework for all aspects of military aviation was formed in April 2010 to take over responsibility from the various organisations across Defence who delivered military airworthiness regulation. The MAA is an independent and autonomous body that will execute, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Defence, an integrated suite of regulatory, surveillance, inspection and assurance functions across the Defence air operating and technical domains, to underpin the safe design and use of military air systems within the Defence operating context. This new organisation is the centrepiece of a new military aviation safety regime. Baines Simmons operates as a consultant to the MAA, to assist its emerging organisational and regulatory competence development.

Building and facilitating the key components to an improved and “FAiR” Safety Culture across MoD is a key Baines Simmons deliverable for the MAA.

NEW Approach to Defence SMS

Baines Simmons strategically supports the MoD in the design and provision of a new Defence Aviation Error Management System (DAEMS). This has a top to bottom rule set that is being implemented across the entire tri-service defence environment in the UK. The aim of this programme is to provide the UK MAA with expertise to define, create and implement a tri-service wide SMS that includes Operations, Engineering and Maintenance, ATM and Operations support.

Error management systems are rapidly becoming an integral part of civil aviation maintenance, required within the EASA Part 145 framework, and CAA Airworthiness procedures – as market leaders in this area, we are now introducing such systems into Defence. The integrated nature of operations requires a common approach to Human Factors related incidents across both the Operator and Maintainer communities that involve Baines Simmons Maintenance and Air Operations expertise.

NEW Industrial Strategy

In line with the UK Defence Industrial Strategy (DIS) and more recent MoD initiatives there has been a significant move to allow industry to conduct maintenance on defence aircraft. Whilst industry has been involved in maintenance on military aircraft for many years, new availability and future capability contracts now seek to increase industry's participation.

Baines Simmons has been working with the UK MoD as a preferred partner to provide support with the development and implementation of MAOS. The Maintenance Approved Organisation Scheme (MAOS) is a means by which the MOD can assess the competence of organisations wishing to provide continuing airworthiness support services for military registered aircraft. It is a joint MoD and industry venture that has developed a regulatory framework in order to enable industry partnering arrangements and long-term service provision. The regulatory framework has been based on the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) model as specified in EC Regulation 2042/2003.

Baines Simmons are experts in Defence Standard (Def Stan) 05-130 for Mil Part 145, Mil Part M and Mil Part 147.

NEW Pan European Defence Approach

The Long-Term Vision report published by the European Defence Agency in October 2006 is designed to serve as a compass for defence planners as they develop the military capabilities the European Security and Defence Policy will require over the next twenty years. Baines Simmons provides a pool of expertise to help support regulatory developments and pan- European Military Airworthiness competence to achieve these goals.

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