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Our Safety Philosophy

"To inspire a world in which aviation safety management is proactively led, operated and reported with a similar fidelity as financial management, supporting superior levels of risk-based, business decision-making."

We promote a business-led approach to the improvement of safety management.

Well-created safety management strategies stimulate situational awareness of current safety performance and go on to generate safety visions, safety objectives, safety implementation roadmaps and safety KPIs that enhance future safety performance/maturity. Effective safety management systems support significantly better decision-making - from understanding trends, predicting events and managing hazards - which enables safety professionals to deliver real strategic business advantage to their organisations.

An effective Safety Management System strategically powered by a proactive and integrated approach to Safety Leadership - Safety Culture - Safety Capability - Safety Competence – Safety Compliance will enable leaders to make better quality strategic and operational risk-based business decisions built on safety ‘intelligence’ from their own ‘risk-derived safety data’.

We believe that safety management has to be an integrated and people-centric undertaking because safety performance comes from your people - not policy and procedures alone. It is about generating positive safety cultures and organisation-wide engagement. In other words, it is people and their behaviour that comprise a safety culture and that is the key to unlocking ‘risk-derived safety knowledge’ – the bedrock of a sustainable world class SMS.

The Baines Simmons SMARRT® Safety Performance Model

Your business’ safety performance matures with time and investment and our approach and tools recognise evolving levels of safety maturity.

We believe these are measurable performance levels that organisations should strategically and operationally plan to achieve. The Baines Simmons SMARRT® Safety Model below illustrates the key elements and enablers required for a sustainable high-performing Safety Management System.

SMARRT Safety Performance Model

The value of an SMS
for a leader is that...

good safety systems generate better business decision-making

Lives, assets and business reputation

Safety & Business performance and operational capability

Risk, rework, error, inefficiency and incidents

We build practical solutions for
safety improvement programmes that:

Achieve ‘Active Leadership'
Securing management buy-in and engagement

Motivate ‘Intelligent Regulatory Adoption’
mproving regulatory knowledge and understanding

Develop ‘Positive Safety Culture’
Improving human safety behaviours and performance

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