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Safety Management Systems

Safety Management Consulting Services

We support clients to build organisational cultures that prioritise safety, reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies so that they can increase resistance to unsafe acts and conditions.

We are Integration specialists for building enablers, tools and expertise to secure effective SMS performance outcomes. We facilitate vertical (top down) and horizontal (inter-departmental) safety engagement across organisations.

We are specialists in:

  • Engaging 'Active' Safety Leadership in your organisation
  • Facilitating 'Intelligent' Regulatory Adoption across your operations
  • Developing 'Positive' Safety Cultures across your people

Our comprehensive range of specialist services

We offer consulting and training programmes that build the enablers, competence and skills for SMS effectiveness:

  • SMS strategy development - to provide direction and accountability to your corporate SMS
  • Strategic leadership development programmes - to successfully engage leaders & managers
  • Safety engagement programmes - to win ‘hearts and minds’ to your safety agenda
  • Fatigue risk management programmes - to manage and mitigate high risks
  • Hazard and risk management programmes - to evolve proactive and predictive safety
  • Safety competence programmes - to build skills, expertise and organisational competence
  • Human factors programmes - to understand, manage and mitigate human risks
  • Error management programmes - to create a learning organisation
  • Reporting and investigation programmes - to secure confidence in organisational objectivity
  • Safety culture sustainment programmes - to create cultures and practices that evolve
  • Human performance management programmes - to create the right safety behaviours
  • Safety assurance programmes - to ensure quality and standards
  • Safety communication programmes - to motivationally connect people with safety
  • Regulatory: Systems, Process, Resource & Competence Programmes - to be compliant

How we engage with you

We partner with you in your SMS improvement programmes, to support your SMS effectiveness, development and maturity progression by operating alongside you at a level to suit your needs:

  • ‘Trusted Advisors’ - partnering your entire journey from A to B
  • ‘Programme Managers’ - directing implementation delivery
  • ‘Change Agents’ - facilitating and securing sustainable change
  • ‘Subject Matter Experts’ - providing technical expertise and best practice experience

We have developed our rapid analysis SMARRT safety management diagnostic tools to assess your SMS performance and assess and benchmark your SMS maturity.

Our engagements will support you throughout your entire SMS Development Pathway Phases: These structured phases will manage your safety management development programme from reactive to proactive and predictive levels of safety contribution.

Understand Phase

Diagnosing / understanding your current and future SMS positions


Implementing the essential key enablers necessary for building and sustaining an SMS


Reporting activity starts to demonstrably impact the organisation


Risk management activities show clear signs of mitigating hazards


Modelling and data analysis start to highlight future issues for risk mitigation

Discover how we can create SMS success for your organisation
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