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Baines Simmons About Us

The Baines Simmons "Training Difference"

"We change attitudes"
"We develop individual competence"
"We facilitate organisational safety and efficiency culture changes"

How we achieve results for you

Fundamentally - we believe that we offer a difference in learning philosophy and approach.

There are plenty of training organisations who will teach new skills, but few that make a real difference by enabling you to apply them effectively. That's where Baines Simmons training is different. Our approach recognises the power of using highly practical, experienced and respected consultants with top quartile learning development skills that can fully engage delegates to achieve higher successful levels of adult learning.

To get the best from your people, you must not only enhance their skills, but also develop their drive, commitment and belief in their own responsibilities for safety and performance. Our programmes are designed to succeed in this respect.  Through well crafted learning and development activities, continuous training support and constantly updated real-world case studies, your attendees will enjoy a positive learning experience.

We combine these components with:

  • a determination to listen first to our clients needs
  • an absolute insistence on delivering practical, best practice techniques
  • flexibility to match to your requirements
  • stimulating presentations with high energy and high impact learning styles
  • latest thinking, including latest investigation reports, research and analysis
  • post course support to delegates and your management teams

Our Approach to training courses and programmes

When working with client's to develop training programmes, we incorporate the Baines Simmons 6 stage methodology to optimise the programmes delegate learning effectiveness:

STAGE 1 - Pre and post-programme briefings

We put a great deal of emphasis on briefings with senior management. We have a suite of diagnostic tools and invest time experiencing the target attendees' working environment and culture. The training needs analysis is typically an essential exercise both in terms of fine tuning the programme content and promoting credibility with the delegates themselves - we strive to make it about them and what they do!

STAGE 2 - Develop learning content

Importantly, we establish clear learning objectives at the outset, we never allow ourselves to lose sight of these by indulging in 'interesting' non-relevant material. Our focus is to supply results orientated solutions designed to make an impact when applied back in the workplace. As such we have developed a reputation for stimulating, inspiring and easy to absorb learning which gets positive feedback for being just right.

STAGE 3 - Build delegate's self-belief and confidence

Confidence is a critical factor in the application of any skill set. The Baines Simmons specialist approach has always been to reinforce well researched, tried and tested and up to the minute best practice. We feel very strongly that the success of our solutions are essentially due to this dual focus. The most effective techniques will only achieve results when the individual is sufficiently confident and motivated to put them into practice.

STAGE 4 - Engaging delegates with high energy - high impact learning

Our programmes are designed to energise, stimulate and challenge. World class in content, each programme sets out to develop key skills and build the enthusiasm to use them.

STAGE 5 - Consolidate knowledge and understanding through participation

Our style of delivery is highly participative, with attendee involvement encouraged from the outset. We enable participants to explore ideas vigorously with an open mind in a neutral 'safe' learning environment.

STAGE 6 - Evaluate the learning effectiveness

At Baines Simmons we design our courses to meet the most demanding and widely respected standards. All our aviation training is compliant with the EASA system of learning. We like to use assessments and be measured against best practice in order to ensure your success.

Our Approach

We don't just give you trainers!

We give you experienced
"Training Consultants"

Our Philosophy

To get the best from your people, you must not only enhance their skills, but also awaken their drive, enthusiasm, commitment and belief, that THEY can make a difference.

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