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In-Company Training

What can you expect from our In-Company training programmes?

Our mission is to help you safeguard airworthiness and aviation safety, building the skills and knowledge of all your people to manage risk.

We are proud of the role we play in the success of each and every client we partner, we will engage with you strategically and at ground level. Baines Simmons approach is consultative and solution based - we use diagnostic tools to understand your requirements.  We specialise in designing learning solutions that achieve results and work with you to evaluate the effectiveness of our programme.

How we engage with you

Working inside your company we design bespoke courses that meet your defined objectives. When you work with Baines Simmons, you work with one lead consultant who is responsible for ensuring the full resources of Baines Simmons are available to you at all times. Clients are serviced with Account Directors, Account Managers, Principal Consultants, Senior Consultants and Consultants. Our learning administrators take care of the logistics and our account managers are there for you as a single point of contact.

Typically, each in-company learning programme has 5 stages:

STAGE 1 - Preliminary meeting

To establish your precise requirements and agree the objectives, timing of the proposed programme.

STAGE 2 - Research

To familiarise ourselves with your environment, establish exactly how your staff operate, understand your culture, systems and processes and determine training agreed outcomes detailing how results will be tracked and measured.

STAGE 3 - Solution development

This stage involves the design of all aspects of the project. Diagnostics - Syllabus - Structure - Programme notes - Visual aids - Post delivery reinforcement. This work is conducted by an expert team led by the consultant who will subsequently deliver the programme.

STAGE 4 - Roll out

The programme is delivered by Baines Simmons at your chosen venue - to your chosen timetable.

STAGE 5 - Review and follow-up support

We meet with you to evaluate success. To achieve the best results we prefer to work with you long-term, 2-3 years or more. We find best results are often achieved working closely with clients, where we retain an ongoing relationship to ensure that learning programmes are finely tuned to meet your ever evolving needs.



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