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Safety Management Systems (SMS) Expertise

Safety Management is about protecting your organisation against undesired outcomes and helps to prevent not just incidents and accidents, but financial inefficiencies and losses too.

Historically, with the introduction of new regulations, organisations have only ever been required to be compliant. However, with the latest EASA regulations mandating Safety Management, the actual performance of your safety management system will now be assessed by Regulators. The challenge and opportunity now is to continually enhance your Safety Management System so that it can achieve standards of safety excellence and also contribute positively to financial performance.

But how effective is your SMS operating as a safety and business tool? You have safety processes, policies and systems, but does your investment in SMS provide you with a clear picture of how safe you actually are? Does your SMS let you actively measure safety improvements? Being able to actually measure safety performance provides the difference between hoping and knowing you are safe.

Our Safety Management expertise and capability

We provide specialist expertise in diagnosing, designing, building, implementing and improving Safety Management Systems at strategic, management and technical levels.

Our comprehensive programmes focus on developing and sustaining three key enablers:

  • Engaging Active Safety Leadership
  • Facilitating Intelligent Regulatory Adoption
  • Developing Positive Safety Cultures

Our research and experience in SMS provides us with thought leadership that is changing the way in which aviation safety is implemented globally. Our experts work closely with Regulators and focus on developing effective Safety Management Systems that help you to build and integrate the key enablers across all levels of your organisation.

Some of our successful projects include:

  • Shaping the vision of safety management for a variety of aviation organisations, from KLM, Shell, TAP in Portugal to Caverton Helicopters in Nigeria, through use of our safety diagnostic toolset, our analytical capability and our strategic tailored advice.
  • Leading successful safety culture and error management programmes for a variety of organisations, such as BAE SYSTEMS, Gulfstream Aerospace and Cargolux.
  • Building stronger regulator SMS skills and awareness to foster positive changes through the provision of strategic and technical assistance to military, civilian and regulatory aviation authorities and organisations on effective safety management. Clients include the Military Aviation Authority (MAA), Hong Kong CAD and EASA, UK CAA and Swedish CAA.
  • Consulting and delivering training interventions that build enablers, competence and skills for SMS throughout the whole organisation, from the safety manager, to the reporter, the event investigator and the regulator. Clients include the Polish CAO, Shell Aircraft International, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Air Accidents Investigation Branch and RAF.

Why Us? Our track record

We offer world class support services to improve safety performance.

We blend leading academic thought leadership in safety management with years of proven aviation experience to offer consultants with world class practically-led solutions. Today we have one of the largest independent resource ‘pools’ of safety management improvement skills, expertise and experience in the world.

We have been instrumental in developing highly successful SMS programmes for major clients around the world. We continuously research, evaluate and apply leading global practices. We have designed new tools and techniques for the practical and effective diagnosis and application of Safety Management Systems that have proved invaluable to safety performance in a large number of organisations around the world.

What our customers say

“What we like is that Baines Simmons operates directly with our management team, mentoring and coaching - they are helping our managers make the management of safety become a direct business benefit”
Senior Managers BAE Systems

“A quick note to thank you for last week; really enjoyed it and impressed with your set up and the work you do. It’s rare these days that you get enthused by an organisation and its people, but that’s exactly the sense I got at Baines Simmons, and it’s certainly infectious”

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