Regulatory Compliance – setting yourself up for success
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Regulatory Compliance – setting yourself up for success

A meeting about regulatory complianceJust as a building constructed on poor foundations is sure to collapse, a safety management system that is not grounded in strong regulatory foundations is likely to struggle to thrive and provide the organisation and its stakeholders the protection against harm that it seeks.  Safety regulation is derived from the hard lessons learnt directly from industry yet is often disregarded as a risk mitigation measure in itself.  Understanding and applying intelligent compliance with the intent of regulation needs to be at the heart of managing safety.   In practical terms, this starts with ownership of compliance being recognised and setting your organisation’s management system up for success.

Our Optimising Compliance – A Performance-based Approach service aims to help organisations address this challenge.  Aimed at helping organisations enhance their compliance management system so that they can ultimately maximise the opportunities offered by performance-based regulation, we leave organisations with:

  • An enhanced organisational structure where ownership for compliance is truly understood and supported
  • Key processes and standards that integrate fully with business and operational functions and needs
  • An improved ability to deliver meaningful performance metrics that will satisfy commercial and regulatory stakeholders
  • Ability to sustain and nurture the organisational and cultural change through learning transfer packages.

We’ve successfully engaged with clients ranging from Air Operators to MROs worldwide to assist them with setting up their regulatory compliance management systems for success. For a commitment-free discussion about your organisation’s situation, contact