Nawfal Demnati


Aeronautical Engineering Consultant

A UK & European chartered engineer with 21 years of civil & military aviation experience, comprising Certification, Design Organisations, Safety, Flight Test and Airworthiness.

Expertise and Capability

Consults and advises on certification of products, parts and appliances with regards to EASA Part 21 requirements.
Consults and advises on Design Organisation processes and procedures in relation to EASA Part 21J regulatory requirements.
Consults and advises on Airworthiness EASA and Def Stan 00-970 requirements.
Advises on safety engineering.
Advises and consults on testing and evaluation.
Career background & experience

Nawfal initially studied BTEC HND in mechanical engineering where he obtained both practical and theoretical engineering experience. He then went on to study Aeronautical Systems Engineering (Degree with Honours) where he experienced theoretical and practical aspects of aviation including a flight test course at Cranfield University and as an undergraduate Systems Design Engineer at BAE Systems (Woodford). He is also a MSc postgraduate in Safety Critical Systems Engineering (University of York). Nawfal has attained chartered status both the UK and Europe in affiliation with the RAeS and FEANI respectively.

Nawfal is an engineering consultant who has worked on various civil and military projects over the last 21 years. His roles have exposed him to many very high profile projects in the UK and abroad where he had leading roles in the certification of missile systems, certification of aircraft systems, flight testing and Airworthiness & CVE roles within the Office of Airworthiness.