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Advanced SMS with Baines Simmons moves aviation industry forward in safety performance

Aviation safety improvement consultancy, Baines Simmons, has recently launched a new workshop entitled Advanced Safety Management Systems (SMS). This unique course has been designed to enable experienced aviation safety professionals to move away from a compliance-centric model towards measureable safety performance with the new EASA regulations. It will run on a regular basis from the Baines Simmons’ Aviation Safety Academy from February 2012 onwards.

Over the last year, many aviation organisations have worked on safety and operations manuals and are now discovering that the implementation of SMS rules is not generating tangible results for their businesses. The Advanced SMS workshop is designed to help these companies evolve and advance and so enable them to generate demonstrable return on investment. Delegates will leave confident they can increase safety margins and enable their businesses to reach higher levels of organisational effectiveness, so reaping visible business as well as safety benefits. This course will produce aviation safety professionals that carry out performance-based SMS and have a thorough understanding of the value of fully integrated safety management combined with effective risk control.

Advanced SMS course

The Advanced SMS course taking place at the Aviation Safety Academy

Advanced SMS is a new, two-day workshop that has been developed using the practical experience Baines Simmons’ has acquired when working with organisations to help optimise their SMS programmes. It is specifically designed for experienced safety management professionals working in every part of the aviation industry and particularly suits the needs of safety managers, flight safety officers and quality managers and anyone else directly involved in a safety management system.

“Understandably, the industry is experiencing some issues when dealing with such major regulatory change,” states Bob Simmons, Technical Director at Baines Simmons. “We believe SMS should not be a burden to those involved in an organisation’s safety procedures but should be an invaluable business tool that provides quantifiable benefits.

“The new Advanced SMS workshop is a unique experience, designed to transfer to industry the learning and experience we have gained from helping organisations worldwide to transition from simple regulatory compliance to truly performing safety management systems.

“It has been created specifically for those who recognise that safety management requires constant improvement and who wish to work towards goals that do more than meet the requirements driven by the new Part OR and Part AR regulations to be introduced by EASA in 2012. The recognition of the need for and the development of this leading-edge course is further evidence of Baines Simmons’ position as a world-class provider of aviation safety solutions.”

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