SMARRT MAP™ - Active Leadership
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Active Leadership


The Importance of Active Leadership for Safety Performance

The Baines Simmons SMARRT MAP™ has been developed to assist organisations understand, build and power up their safety management system for performance.

Managing the performance of the four core management systems and five key enablers to achieve organisational safety performance requires Active leadership.

Active Leadership is the spark which ignites safety management people, processes, procedures and tools to deliver results. It influences people to be fully and willingly committed to a series of safe behaviours and values to meet your commonly agreed safety vision and objectives.

SMARRT MAP - Active Leadership

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Active Leadership is fundamental to delivering safety performance.

Leaders need to provide direction through communicating a clear vision and providing support through motivating, and inspiring the right behaviours.

Senior management have a responsibility to steer a safe path between production and protection and are the shapers and guardians of a proactive safety culture.

To fulfil this role, safety leaders need to be able to effectively demonstrate performance across a range of key activities:
–  Direction
–  Accountability
–  Engagement
–  Execution
–  Improvement

To help you develop Active Safety Leadership, Baines Simmons provides a range of safety leadership services: tailored director and senior management workshops, senior level one-to-one coaching, safety leadership team building and safety management skills support.

These services are all aimed at assisting boards and senior management teams to develop and demonstrate effective safety leadership to lead and engage people, gaining commitment and winning buy-in to safety improvement programmes across your organisation.

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