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Compliance Monitoring


Achieving a performing Compliance Monitoring Management System

The Baines Simmons SMARRT MAP™ has been developed to assist organisations understand, build and power up their safety management system for performance. The Compliance Monitoring Management System enables an organisation to independently and confidently oversee and assure its Regulatory Compliance Management System is performing effectively, ensuring the organisation complies with legal and regulatory obligations across all safety-related aspects of the business.
SMARRT MAP - Compliance Monitoring

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The Compliance Monitoring Management System comprises the combination of people, processes, procedures, structures and resources needed by an organisation to consistently, effectively and independently monitor its ability to manage compliance within legal, regulatory and organisational requirements.

Through a structured approach of progressive management system elements that include: Compliance Monitoring (CM) Programme, Audits, Reports & Corrective Actions, Compliance Management Risk Assurance and Continuous Improvement, performance can be evaluated and monitored. Through a process of continual assessment, feedback and monitoring, a performing Compliance Monitoring Management System provides the independent confidence that your organisation’s Regulatory Compliance Management System is continually meeting the safety performance standards mandated by law, regulation and your organisation.

Using our SMARRT MAP™, industry-wide experience and practical expertise in aviation regulations, compliance and safety management, we can work with you to evaluate, benchmark and identify areas for enhancement towards overall safety performance improvement.

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