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Proactive Culture


The Importance of Proactive Culture for Safety Performance

The Baines Simmons SMARRT MAP™ has been developed to assist organisations understand, build and power up their safety management system for performance.

Managing the performance of the four core safety management systems and five key enablers to achieve organisational safety performance requires a Proactive Culture.

Proactive Culture is the bedrock of safety performance. It is nurtured by a Just Culture that significantly influences people’s behaviours, perceptions and beliefs, and progresses to a Reporting, Flexible, Questioning and Learning culture that exists across the organisation.

SMARRT MAP - Proactive Culture

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Proactive Culture is the bedrock of safety performance.

A Proactive Safety Culture encompasses an organisation’s commonly held perceptions and beliefs regarding safety and has the potential to significantly influence people’s behaviour. A Proactive Safety Culture is founded upon a Just Culture in which individuals freely and openly share safety-related information in an atmosphere of trust, born from a sense of justice.

Creating a Proactive Culture requires management to establish and demonstrate performance across each sub-culture:
– Just Culture
– Reporting Culture
– Flexible Culture
– Questioning Culture
– Learning Culture

Through our specialist Just Culture training courses and consulting programmes, we specialise in helping organisations to maximise and harness the power of having a Proactive Safety Culture. We have pioneered a unique approach to measuring safety culture through our SMARRT® Safety Culture Diagnostic which provides an independent analysis of the safety culture in your organisation, enabling management to make informed decisions that drive safety performance.

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