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Regulatory Authorities

Baines Simmons are trusted advisors to many of the world’s biggest regulatory authorities developing competence, shaping new regulations and providing innovative thinking

As the global regulatory community moves to a performance-based oversight approach, focusing regulatory effort in areas of higher risk, regulators need to develop new skills and have a thorough understanding of Safety Management principles if they are to successfully support organisations under their oversight and uphold industry’s excellent safety record.

Competent Authorities are now required to share the monitoring of Safety Management performance with organisations under their oversight, whilst holding the same organisation to account for its safety performance. The Competent Authority therefore must ensure it has full capability to assess the continued competence of an organisation through appropriately qualified personnel.

How we can help

Our specialist expertise and services help civil and defence aviation authorities intelligently adopt new regulations and develop the necessary competencies to implement them, thereby moving beyond compliance towards performance and risk-based oversight of the management of safety.

Our unique Safety Management Diagnostic, developed exclusively by Baines Simmons as part of our SMARRT® Toolkit, allows us help organisations, including Competent Authorities, measure and evaluate their progress in continuous safety improvement.

Designed specifically with the regulator in mind, we have developed a number of regulator-specific training courses which are very well received by the many National Aviation Authorities that have participated in them either in-house or at our Academy in the UK, where opportunities to network with industry peers are second to none.

Our experience

  • Baines Simmons has worked with more than 40 National Aviation Authorities from around the world including the UK’s CAA
  • We operate as trusted advisors and strategic partners to the UK Military Aviation Authority (MAA), assisting with the fusion of military and civil regulations.
  • We work with the European Defence Agency (EDA) on a pan-European requirement drafting programmes
  • We are retained by EASA for Competency Development Programmes for regulatory personnel
  • Our highly experienced team includes experts that have held senior positions in the UK CAA
  • Our oversight resourcing team of accredited aircraft surveyors operates daily around the world on behalf of our aircraft registry and regulatory clients
  • Our training courses provide regulators with the knowledge and skills to enable them to make the day-to-day judgements required of them in an increasingly complex, yet integrated industry. All our courses are continuously monitored and updated in line with the evolving rules and oversight philosophies developed by ICAO and EASA.

Our Regulator Clients

Around the world, we work with aviation’s influential regulatory authorities – both military and civil – to develop, implement and improve understanding of the regulations and how to manage their oversight.

  • EASA
  • UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • UK Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • UK MAA (Military Aviation Authority)
  • European Defence Agency (EDA)
  • Austrocontrol
  • FOCA Switzerland
  • Swedish CAA
  • Danish Transport Authority (Trafikstyrelsen)
  • Irish Aviation Authority
  • Croatia Civil Aviation Authority
  • Nigerian Aviation Authority
  • New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority
  • Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department
  • AACM Macau Civil Aviation Authority
  • TCICAA – Turks and Caicos Civil Aviation Authority
  • Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation
  • Polish CAO
  • Kenyan CAA