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Competence Development Pathways

Our Competence Development Pathways provide direction and structure for individual and organisational learning

If you’ve ever attended a Baines Simmons training course you will know that we are passionate about the importance of taking your level of knowledge, understanding and practical skills beyond that which the regulations stipulate. Our unique competence development pathways show how our Foundation, Practitioner and Advanced training courses can help individuals and organisations build the core competencies needed for specific roles.

As the most important asset of your organisation, your people need to be trained, developed, coached, mentored and motivated so that they can actively contribute to achieving your organisation’s goals.

As rigorous as your recruitment process is and as confident as you are that you have hired the best candidates, all staff will require some sort of learning intervention at some point, broadly categorised in one of the following four areas:

  • Regulatory/mandatory training requirements (to understand new or changing regulations)
  • Organisational change or performance improvement
  • Succession planning/talent management
  • Continuous professional development

Whichever the driver, charting the development route for your staff is often not as straightforward as it may seem. Internal change, pressures from industry, the economy, developments in technology and the ever-evolving regulations are just some of the influences that need to be considered when ensuring your people remain suitably competent to meet your organisation’s goals, as well as legal and regulatory obligations.

Challenges you may be facing

  • You’re unable to easily demonstrate your staff’s competence to your regulatory authority
  • You’re unable to satisfy yourself that your staff are suitably competent for their roles
  • You’re looking to achieve greater value from your teams
  • There is an uncoordinated or haphazard approach to training and development in your organisation – you are looking for greater accountability for your organisation’s budgetary spend
  • You’re not confident that you are sufficiently up-to-date on regulatory changes and understand the implications for your staff’s competence

How we can help

  • Our Core Competence Pathways
    We take pride in our long-standing commitment to create training courses that are focused on being practical and relevant. Our competence development pathways help organisations and individuals understand better how they can progress their competence in key areas.

With these pathways, you are offered a structured pathway for competency progression, starting from foundation through to practitioner and advanced. Our courses are mapped to these levels of competence helping participants and sponsoring organisations understand what level of knowledge, skills or attitudes are addressed within them.

For individuals, this provides clarity in terms of competence requirements for the different stages of their career. For organisations, the pathways have proven useful for planning purposes and providing a starting point for actively managing the competence of its personnel.

  • Tailored Competence Frameworks and Pathways
    For organisations seeking assistance with managing the regulatory and safety competence of its staff, we are able to assist in developing bespoke pathways. We can either be involved at the initiation of the project, assisting in specifying the competencies required by role and assembling competency frameworks that represent the needs of your business or we can help you to map learning and development solutions against your pre-existing frameworks.