Maximising Benefit from your QA and Independent System Monitoring Function (EMAR Organisations)
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TQ14: Maximising benefit from your QA and Independent System Monitoring Function (EMAR Organisations)

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EASA has signalled that it intends to mandate a Compliance Monitoring and integrated Management System for approved airworthiness organisations. European Miitary Airworthiness Requirements (EMARs) are likely to follow due to their close alignment with the civil regulatory system. Rather than focusing merely on complying, how can you take full benefit?

We manage what we measure, and if we only measure compliance then compliance is all we get. How can your audit function measure the performance of your compliance monitoring management system and both assure your stakeholders that compliance is present and that policies and procedures are effective?

Whether working in the civil or military sector, having full confidence in your assurance function and in the accuracy of its output is essential if you are to gain maximum safety and business benefit. Once you have this confidence, you have the intelligence you require to design system enhancements, reduce risk and improve performance.

How will this course benefit me?

This 2-day workshop will benefit your quality assurance and/or independent system monitoring (ISM) personnel by introducing the new approach, and will enable them to develop measures that will provide the foundations for effective performance of their function. This will help to:

  • Reduce corporate risk through improved risk mitigation
  • Develop efficient processes that are not only compliant with the words, but also the intent of the EMAR requirements
  • Challenge processes to demonstrate not only compliance but systematic improvements
  • Speak the same ‘language’ as the Authority and support them in achieving Performance Based Oversight.
Key areas of focus*
*Please note that the following topics are indicative only and a pre-workshop discussion with one of our consultants will determine how the workshop will be focused.
  • What does an ‘effective’ quality assurance and/or ISM function look like
  • Measuring performance of the function
  • Key Performance Questions and Key Performance Indicators
  • Consequences of ignoring what your results might be telling you
There are no prerequisites for attendance on this course.
Modules available:
This workshop comprises core and elective EMAR modules. Please select your choice of elective module(s) from the following options at the point of booking:
  • EMAR Part 21 Subpart J - Independent System Monitoring (ISM) function
  • EMAR Part 21 Subpart G - Quality Assurance function
  • EMAR Part M Subpart G - Quality Assurance function
  • EMAR Part 145 - Quality Assurance function
Workshop format
The format of the workshop is tailored to meet specific organisational approvals and will comprise a mixture of discussion, whiteboard exercises and presentation slides.
Is this course right for me?
Although designed primarily for personnel who possess the skills to audit EMAR approved organisations, this course is also suitable for personnel who are either new or who require a refresher in understanding the EMAR quality assurance/ISM requirements and wish to maximise the benefits and measure performance from their existing audit systems.
This course would also benefit:
  • Accountable Managers
  • Responsible Managers
  • National Military Aviation Authority Personnel
  • Any individual who require an understanding of EMAR assurance/ISM requirements
Course details
Course format: This course is a balanced mix of group discussions, flipchart work and PowerPoint presentations. Managed syndicate exercises give you the opportunity to practise the application and evaluation of new processes and techniques.
Course level: Practitioner Level Training (P) is suitable for those who have worked in the subject for some time, are familiar with core terminologies and concepts and are looking to develop or update their level of knowledge and practical understanding.
Assessment process: No formal assessment. Two-way dialogue and exercises enable the facilitator to assess and optimise delegate learning.
Course size: 16 persons maximum on-site at your facility
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