Understanding the Intent and Benefits of the EMAR System
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TR86: Understanding the Intent and Benefits of the EMAR System

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The European Defence Agency (EDA) issued EMAR M requirements in 2015.
These requirements outline how airworthiness of military aircraft is to be maintained and the conditions to be met by organisations involved in their continuing airworthiness management. The European Military Airworthiness Requirements set the foundations for a step change in the way military aircraft are designed and manufactured, their Airworthiness is managed, and the way in which they are maintained.

Based on the proven European civil regulations, the EMARs provide the potential to enable the armed forces to get more out of their aviation assets, whilst achieving significant savings. The detailed technical requirements can be interpreted as merely “a new way of doing the things we’ve always done” or they can be implemented in a manner that reaps tangible benefits. Understanding how the whole airworthiness system works to support aircraft end-users, and how the various stakeholders interact in a cohesive and effective manner, is the first step to reaping the potential benefits. Our unique approach to a performance-focused and practical implementation of regulations can help MAA’s and wider Ministries of Defence set the foundations for performance, and to achieve the real benefits enjoyed by commercial aircraft operators.

How will this course benefit me?

This overview course will help to evaluate how you and your organisation can benefit from the EMAR
regulatory approach, as forming an understanding of this requirement and its intent is vital, and will
provide you with the knowledge to implement the EMARs in an effective and efficient way, to maximize
safety and reliability. Regardless of whether you are involved in the initial implementation/adoption of
the EMARs, or working within the new system, gaining an understanding of the intent and potential
benefits will enable you to;

  • Establish, or operate within, an efficient and effective regulatory system based on the EMARs
  • Develop robust oversight processes and skills to ensure successful implementation of EMARs
  • Understand the principles of the EMAR system, including the fundamentals of approvals, certificates and licences
  • Achieve greater aircraft availability and reduce unscheduled maintenance
  • Work with other stakeholders to realise efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Understand organisation roles and responsibilities within the new system and the essential links between them
Is this course right for me?

The course would be most valuable to;

  • MAA senior managers and leaders
  • MOD Directors / strategic managers
  • Industrial partner Directors and Senior Managers
  • Specialist regulatory staff responsible for EMAR implementation
  • Military Commanders
  • Safety and Quality Directors and senior managers
  • Representatives from National Military Aviation Authorities (NMAA)
Key areas of focus
  • The European Defence Agency, the activities of Military Airworthiness Authorities Forum (MAWA) and the relationship with National Military Aviation Authorities
  • The EMARs and their philosophies
  • Privileges and obligations of approval holders
  • The key drivers to achieving performance from the new system

There are no prerequisites for attending this course.

Course details

Course format: This course is a balanced mix of group discussions, flipchart work and PowerPoint
presentations. Managed syndicate exercises give you the opportunity to practise the application and
evaluation of new processes and techniques.

Course level: Foundation Level Training (F) is suitable for those with little or no prior knowledge of
the subject who are looking to develop a fundamental level of understanding, competency and

Assessment process: No formal course assessment. Formative feedback provided by the facilitator.

Course size: 16 persons maximum at our Aviation Safety Academy or on-site at your facility

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