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TS107: Barrier Management with BowTieXP, IncidentXP and AuditXP

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Aviation Safety Academy, Fairoaks Airport, Surrey, UK £ 895.00*

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Disjointed and misunderstood data can have far-reaching consequences for an organisation, impairing their performance as well as exposing them to the risk of reputational loss. To be confident in its level of protection and how it continues to safeguard its interests, an organisation must be able to rely on high fidelity risk information. Being able to obtain this level of clarity in its risk information however is a challenge that many aviation organisations have yet to overcome.

CGE’s risk management software suite offers organisations a route to establishing this clearer picture of how well you are truly managing your risk. BowTieXP is a next generation tool that uses the Bow Tie Method to assess risks. Used in conjunction with IncidentXP, which assists in making the high quality recommendations that will change an organisation for the better, it becomes possible to link risk assessment information to incident analysis information, AuditXP is an add-on for the BowTieXP software package, and is aimed at assisting the assessment of barrier effectiveness. By being able to provide an organisation with a holistic overview of its real level of risk, its residual risk, and the effectiveness of its defences, these three packages can be a powerful aid to accountable decision-makers.

How will this course benefit me?

To realise the benefits of this software, organisations need competent users who understand how to
apply the tool within an aviation context. This 2-day, practically-focused course aims to provide you
with the skills to build a barrier based risk management framework using BowTieXP, IncidentXP, and
AuditXP, and enable you to:

  • Refresh your understanding of Bowtie principles and the BowTieXP software
  • Identify events and controls in incident analysis
  • Identify and compare incident analysis methodologies
  • Link incident analysis information to risk assessment information
  • Increase your confidence in using and linking BowTieXP, IncidentXP and AuditXP software
Is this course right for me?

This course is suitable for:

  • Accountable Managers and CEOs
  • Safety Managers
  • Safety Analysts and/or Investigators
  • Quality Managers and their team EASA Part M/145 managers with Form 4 holder accountabilities
  • Members of the Safety Team
  • Chief Pilots

A sound understanding of Safety Management principles from previous training courses (TS02) and an understanding of risk (TS90) or equivalent experience. Ideally, you will have also completed a foundation course on the use of BowTieXP (TS101).

Key areas of focus
  • Refreshing the principles of the BowTieXP software
  • Relating bowties to your management system and existing hazard studies
  • Applying the bowtie-method as control framework and communicative tool
  • Events and controls in incident analysis
  • Available methods outline - similarities and differences between Tripod Beta, BFA and BSCAT
  • Trending and reporting over multiple Incidents in IncidentXP
  • Introduction to control auditing
  • Creating audit questionnaires, relating questions to controls, run questionnaires and report results in AuditXP
Course details

Course format: This course is a balanced mix of walked through examples using the software, group discussions, flipchart work and PowerPoint presentations. Managed syndicate exercises give you the opportunity to practise the application and evaluation of new processes and techniques.

Course level: Practitioner Level Training (P) Suitable for those with significant relevant experience in the subject matter who are looking to enhance their specialist knowledge.

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