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BAE Systems Thinks Safety with Baines Simmons

BAE Systems Military Air & Information (MAI) has again turned to its safety partner Baines Simmons to carry out a series of breakfast and lunchtime briefings for mixed audiences as part of the organisation’s ‘Think Safety First – Everyone’s Responsibility’ campaign.

In April, Baines Simmons visited the Warton and Samlesbury sites to deliver the first two hour-long breakfast and lunchtime safety forums on safety and human factors. Each audience included a mix of 142 MAI safety professionals with varied knowledge and understanding of safety and its management. Those attending ranged from engineers, manufacturing and maintenance employees plus some representation from the occupational health and safety team. The forums covered the benefits of safety reporting, the concept of a ‘just’ safety culture, what comprises an effective performance-enhancing safety management system and how it can improve business performance.

BAE Systems Thinks Safety with Baines Simmons

Baines Simmons Managing Director, Keven Baines, addressing BAE Systems safety professionals during one of the safety forums.

As the largest aerospace organisation in the United Kingdom, BAE Systems has a long-standing relationship with Baines Simmons and has been involved in a wide variety of consultancy and training programmes. The investment the business makes in enhancing the practical application of knowledge-based material ensures that BAE Systems MAI continues to lead the field in proactive error and safety management.

“The series of lunchtime briefings from Baines Simmons on our safety and error management systems have met and exceeded our objectives,” commented Robert Ward, SEMS Project Manager at BAE Systems MAI. “The forum format generated much helpful debate about safety management both during the event and afterwards. We have had extremely positive feedback from those attending and look forward to booking further briefings. In fact I’ve received numerous calls from colleagues who were certainly inspired by your presentation; as such I attach some of the formal feedback comments below”

  • Excellent content and delivery, I believe this topic is key to BAE Systems and when applied across the business could also result in increase performance and job satisfaction.
  • This was a really good presentation and I think it should go out to a wider population. Keven was a very interesting and captivating speaker.
  • Excellent and thought provoking event.
  • Many thanks for the invite it was a thought provoking presentation!
  • Some of Keven Baines presentation information will be helpful for my own development and the development of supporting team members I work with. I will use the parts I feel are relevant at my local business safety meeting.
  • Worthwhile session, future sessions would be useful
  • I found the presentation both enlightening and thought provoking and am grateful for the slides being made available.
  • Very thought provoking, I thought the presentation very good
  • Personally I thought it was an excellent session – very thought provoking.

“We are now in our seventh year of working closely with BAE Systems MAI. The organisation continues to evolve its unrivalled Error Management and is fast developing a world–class Safety Management systems with our support” states Keven Baines, Managing Director of Baines Simmons. “We were delighted to be asked to speak at these briefings and to help the organisation generate further and wider understanding of the benefits of safety management.”