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Baines Simmons addresses the Maritime and Coastguard Agency

At the invitation of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), Baines Simmons Business Development Manager, Grant Findlay, delivered a paper, “Integrating Safety and Error Management into complex systems”, on board HQS Wellington on the river Thames to 60 delegates during the launch of the book ‘The Human Element’.

improving maritime safetyThe MCA is responsible for continuously improving maritime safety, committed to preventing loss of life and protecting the marine environment with a mission of Safer Lives, Safer Ships, Cleaner Sea. Based in Southampton, the MCA is the United Kingdom Regulator for maritime affairs and providing oversight to approximately 1540 vessels on the UK register.

Captain David Turner, Human Element Policy Manager, explains why the HEAG is currently so important for the industry and why the MCA has chosen Baines Simmons to speak at the HEAG. “The marine industry is quite conservative but HEAG members are always keen to learn and apply from others and find ways of working together in shared interest projects”.

Grant’s presentation delivered to the HEAG was very well received by all members, and summarising the success of the event in April, Captain Turner said, “the second part of the day saw the launch of our book The Human Element – a guide to human behaviour in the shipping industry. In the shipping industry, human behaviour is the true secret of our success. But it also makes us victims of our failures. The Guide shows how to navigate a course between the two, resulting in increased profits and better safety for all – it is a must-read and we are pleased that over 25,000 copies have already been requested by a diverse number of International industries.”

Paul Coley, Assistant Director, Seafarers and Ships also commented “It was a most informative presentation and extremely useful for us in the maritime industry to see how another industry has approached its Safety Management problems.”