Baines Simmons attend the ERA Regional Airline Conference 2019 - Baines Simmons
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Baines Simmons attend the ERA Regional Airline Conference 2019

Bob Simmons and Ross Priday attended the ERA’s Regional Airline conference on the 27th – 28th March this year, held in Prague.

The event examined the subjects of pilot shortages, EU261 impact on the sector, industry trends, challenges and Brexit, along with a lively regional aircraft manufacturers forum.

The Brexit session, in particular, looked at the impact of the various potential outcomes following the UK’s departure from the EU, however a common theme was the frustration with the lack of progress with the negotiations and clarity of the future relationship.  It is clear that interim arrangements promised by both the UK and the EU were broadly welcomed, but also clear that a number of areas critical to commercial operations across the EU’s outer border remain a major concern.  Bob presented the findings of a survey completed by Baines Simmons, providing a clear picture of the impact of EU261 on aviation safety.

The findings will be included in a joint paper being brought together by ERA and planned for publication in June this year.

Read the full ERA event report here.