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Baines Simmons lands contract with easyJet

Baines Simmons has won a contract to work with Clockwork Research to deliver tailored safety training to easyJet which commenced in February 2011 and will be rolled out further in 2011.

Baines Simmons was brought in to support the development of easyJet’s in-house programme and create a system that would suit the diversity of the airline’s growing operation. Working with Clockwork Research, the Baines Simmons flight operations team commenced a programme that includes training the easyJet trainers to be confident in delivering the airline’s Line Orientated Safety Audits (LOSA). It also involved the development of an easyJet LOSA Airbus Taxonomy and the support of the analyst during the collection and analysis of the data gathered from across the network.

easyJetA small, select group of line pilots from easyJet and easyJet Swiss have been trained to be LOSA observers, collecting data in a de-identified manner. The detailed information on real line performance, as opposed to the ‘best case’ performance recorded during line checks, is collated and analysed by the easyJet analyst to facilitate the creation of effective defences in the Standard Operating Procedures of the airline.

“The industry is seeing the benefit of gaining an in-depth view into human factor events on the flight deck through Line Orientated Safety Audits (LOSA),” states Peter Hogston, Business Development Manager at Baines Simmons. “We were delighted to be asked to work with Clockwork Research, a business with a reputation for inspiring this and other similar programmes.”

The first course with easyJet’s LOSA trainer, Captain Chris Brady, took place at the Baines Simmons’ Aviation Safety Academy between 22 and 25 February. He worked with Dr Alex Holmes and Cassie Hilditch from Clockwork Research in what proved to be a very successful team effort. Further training and LOSA support will be delivered over the coming months.

LOSA is a powerful and well-established methodology for using jumpseat observers to assess normal line operations. Endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the aim of LOSA is to identify operational risks before incidents occur.

Established in 2005, Clockwork Research has long held its position at the very forefront of developments in fatigue risk management. It has played a leading role in the development of the easyJet Fatigue Risk Management System and, through this, has gained worldwide recognition as a generator of industry best-practice. Clockwork Research has been involved in a number of other landmark projects relating to fatigue management and human performance, including LOSA, and has regulator approval.

This is very exciting work and allows a unique insight into the behaviours on the flight deck. There is a great deal of interest in this programme from other potential clients.