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Baines Simmons Launches Flight Operations Support

Baines Simmons has long been recognised for their contribution to safety in Aviation and their commitment to their clients.

Maintenance and Airworthiness Organisations continue to benefit from the Baines Simmons Approach to Human Factors and Market leading initiatives in the systematic approach to error management and cost reduction.

Baines Simmons recognises that the demand for the Management of safety within the industry affects all areas of the business; with this in mind the Company is delighted to announce the inclusion of new, innovative courses, managed and consultancy services to meet the needs of the Flight Operations Community.

Flight Crews continue to behave like normal humans and make errors. Unfortunately these errors have tangible and hidden costs; fortunately, not all of them are fatal but they are always expensive, they are generally public and they have an immediate effect on the confidence of the client.

Baines Simmons enjoys a global presence which has enabled the company to develop a corporate knowledge and in depth understanding of the needs of its clients wherever they are in the world. The knowledge gained has been employed to develop new services which are now being offered to Flight Operations.

Whatever your business: be it Rotary or Fixed Wing, where it is engaged in the delivery of Flight Services to the paying Public, Corporate Market or specific areas of the industry such as off-shore exploration and support, you can benefit from the latest developments in the management of error.

Baines Simmons is able to deliver bespoke products to meet your needs; the training is compliant and can be adapted to suit your business demands. If your business is engaged in Maintenance, Airworthiness and Flying you will benefit from our Blended approach to error management and see the return on investment in a proactive Business Culture which will see Costs reducing and efficiency improve.

The Military is already experiencing the benefits of the Baines Simmons holistic approach to Human Factors and Error management, is it not time you started to discuss your plans with this exciting, dynamic, proactive company?

Make your Flight Operations Confident and exceed the expectations of your customers and stake holders.

For more information on our Flight Operations services, CLICK HERE, or contact Peter Hogston at Baines Simmons Limited.