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Baines Simmons Limited announces the development of the FAiR™ System

The FAiR™ (Flowchart Analysis of Investigation Results) System lies at the heart of an organization’s Just Culture policy and has been developed by Baines Simmons in response to the challenge of creating an open reporting culture within complex regulated organizations; balancing accountability with the desire for learning and improvement.

The FAiR™ System offers a consistent and impartial approach to interpreting and evaluating the findings from event investigation, bridging the gap between an investigation and disciplinary processes. Behavioural classifications are used to determine the nature of errors, enabling management to assess levels of culpability and ensure the most appropriate remedial actions.

Built upon academic research, the strength of the FAiR™ System lies in its application in the real world. Keven Baines, Managing Director of Baines Simmons commented that “There has been a pressing need for something straightforward. Something that’s workable”.

This was supported by Chris Drew, Key Account Services Manager, who has been leading this project, “We wanted to create a system that brings together the best features of the various ‘just culture’ enabling models out there, but one that is intuitive and feels right whilst being based on sound academic foundations. We are really excited by the FAiR™ system which we will continue to develop with time and real world experiential feedback.”

Please click here for further information on the FAiR™ System.