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Baines Simmons Recognises Consulting Excellence

We are delighted to announce that four key members of our team have recently been promoted to senior roles within the business.

Speaking about the promotions, Andrew Parker, Chairman of Baines Simmons, said: “We constantly seek to recruit, employ and retain the world’s best aviation safety consultants. Annually we invest in excess of £500k in their own professional development as we fully recognise that the success and reputation of Baines Simmons is entirely based on the professional skills, competence and passion of our team. These promotions are richly deserved for the tremendous levels of commitment our colleagues have shown to their clients as well as internally to helping Baines Simmons get to where it is today.”

Dr Sarah Flaherty – Principal Dr Sarah Flaherty - Principal ConsultantConsultant
Sarah has demonstrated enormous enthusiasm, capability and professionalism to lead major Baines Simmons consulting engagements for clients including KLM, SAS and Bristow Helicopters. In addition, Sarah has developed and initiated our new suite of strategic safety services and shaped our new strategic safety management modelling.


Ronnie Smith - Senior ConsultantRonnie Smith – Senior Consultant
Ronnie’s excellent leadership skills and work in the field of safety management, as well as his contribution to the development and delivery of our recent Third European Safety Symposium, have led to this well-earned promotion. Ronnie will also be responsible for leading and developing our teams’ ability to deliver safety management consulting and training.


Chaz Counter - Senior ConsultantChaz Counter – Senior Consultant
In the seven months since he joined us, Chaz has shown great skill, commitment and proficiency in delivering the challenging training and consulting activities on the DAEMS project. Chaz now joins the leadership team of DAEMS reporting directly to Steve Harriss – Principal and Programme Manager. Chaz and team will manage the entire RAF implementation workstream to ensure the project’s successful outcome.

Zoe Martin - Open Training Manager
Zoe Martin – Open Training Manager
In her new role as Open Training Manager, Zoe will be tasked with ensuring the successful strategic development, delivery and commercial growth of our portfolio of Open Training courses. Zoe’s considerable drive and enthusiasm are sure to make our new Open Training Programme the success it deserves to be.


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