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Baines Simmons’ study successfully delivered to EDA

“The best out-sourced airworthiness project experienced,” is the verdict of Jan Plevka, European Defence Agency’s Principal Airworthiness Officer, on the recent completion of a project by Baines Simmons. This project provided recommendations for the development of a proposed new maintenance engineer’s licensing system for military/state aircraft.

Following an open competition, Baines Simmons was awarded the contract with the EDA in January 2011 and the study was successfully completed in September 2011. The aim of the project was to analyse the aircraft maintenance training and qualification systems that currently exist within the Agency’s 26 participating Member States. The national opinions were captured and analysed by Baines Simmons who then made clear recommendations on the philosophies and possible format of the future European Military Airworthiness Requirement (EMAR) 66. These recommendations will form the starting point and direction of travel for the forthcoming drafting process, as well as identifying the scale of the potential benefits that a common military qualification system could provide based upon those used within civil aviation. The potential for future cross-servicing opportunities of aircraft and weapon systems between nations were also explored.

Baines Simmons’ study successfully delivered to EDA

Baines Simmons Project Director Bob Simmons (right) with Jan Plevka, European Defence Agency’s Principal Airworthiness Officer

Plevka stated that: “The Baines Simmons team completed the EMAR 66 support study to an extremely high standard, developing pragmatic and innovative recommendations. All deliverables were met, exactly according to the project plan, using advanced consultancy techniques to fast-track our requirement drafting process. This was the best outsourced airworthiness project I have experienced at the European Defence Agency (EDA); all the more impressive considering the sensitivity of the subject and the diversity of existing national policies.”

Bob Simmons, Baines Simmons’ Project Director, reflected on his rule-making experience with the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) and stated: “The Baines Simmons team was able to employ the company’s extensive experience in both civil and military domains to develop a project methodology that quickly captured relevant information. We then analysed and presented it in a format that will enable the EDA to reduce the drafting stage by many months.”

“We were particularly pleased with the level of contribution by the EDA participating Member States that enabled us to accommodate a wide variety of national opinions into what I believe is a balanced set of recommendations. These will integrate well with the existing EMAR 145 as well as with EMAR M and EMAR 147 that are currently being developed, thereby further underpinning the safety of European military aircraft.”