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Boeing chooses Baines Simmons training to aid EASA approval

A range of Baines Simmons courses, which catered for Boeing staff at all levels, was carefully selected by Boeing to help its people have a deeper understanding of the implications the company’s intended move into the European regulatory landscape through its GoldCare programme.

Our Subject Matter Expert Neil Richardson recently delivered a third suite of the specially customised courses to the Boeing Goldcare team in Seattle.

BoeingGoldcare will see Boeing working with airlines to select from a menu of services to tailor a support package that best fits their operation. Airlines using GoldCare services can, depending on how they tailor their selections, boost airplane availability, reduce cost and/or improve efficiency throughout the lifecycle of the airplane. Much of GoldCare relies on Boeing being able to obtain an European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part M subpart G approval.

In Europe, current aviation regulation stipulates that a commercial Operator must itself possess an EASA Part M subpart G approval in order to demonstrate appropriate airworthiness management responsibility and control. Currently, the regulations state that an Operator can only sub-contract tasks of continuing airworthiness to third party. This is being challenged by a working group which seeks to evolve current rules so that organisations such as Boeing (i.e. non-JAR/EU-OPS holders) can independently hold the approval and manage continuing airworthiness under their own approval. The proposed rule changes will allow an Operator to contract out continuing airworthiness tasks to Boeing. Boeing’s GoldCare model offers a customisable and complete airworthiness management service.

During the intensive week of training delivery the inter-relationship of the differing rules and the benefits that can be realised by Boeing and its Operators by efficient and effective application of EASA’s regulatory framework was one of the key themes of Neil’s delivery. Neil’s mission was to support the Boeing team by helping them to understand the origin and intent of the rules. This in turn will help Boeing to offer their customers an enhanced service which will add value in terms of reliability, fleet commonality, cost effectiveness and European National Aviation Authority ‘buy-in’ to the GoldCare concept fleet.

The sessions were lively and proved to be a great value to the Boeing team. The course feedback was enthusiastic and positive:

“Top notch – very enjoyable and knowledgeable of the subjects”

“Excellent, knowledgeable and combined with real examples”

“Neil was very good and encouraged a very involved and active conversation with all who attended”

“One of the best sessions I have ever attended”

Baines Simmons aspires to support Boeing further in its GoldCare endeavours and wishes Boeing luck in obtaining its EASA approval.