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Brunei Shell Petroleum selects Baines Simmons to deliver world class SMS

Following a rigorous competitive tender process, Baines Simmons has been selected by Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) to support the continued evolution and implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS) for the company’s Anduki Airfield. The contract will engage every employee at the airfield in a move to maintain the corporate position on safety remains at the leading edge in the aviation arena.

As part of BSP’s constant operational safety advances, the work will involve design, development, documentation and implementation of SMS across the entire aviation operation at Anduki Airfield. Engaging with more than 125 people, the project will involve aircraft engineers, refuelling staff, air traffic control, aerodrome ground crew and passenger handling as well as security, office staff and aircrew. It involves strategic management and technical consulting support for the development of the SMS. This incorporates revised safety policies and objectives, safety risk management, safety assurance and safety promotion. BSP recognise that this further investment is what the business demands to maintain its position as the jewel in Shell’s aviation operations’ crown.

Brunei Shell Petroleum selects Baines Simmons to deliver world class SMS

Engaging with more than 125 people – the SMS implementation will involve aircraft engineers, refuelling staff, ATC and ground crew among others.

In terms of delivering SMS solutions for an airfield, this job is the most extensive project Baines Simmons has ever won. BSP has an enviable safety record and its aviation centre is viewed in the industry as having a superior reputation that is well deserved. BSP is renowned for maintaining the highest levels of corporate governance and understands the value of implementing proactive safety solutions.

“Brunei Shell Petroleum is a dynamic, world class company and its aviation centre has a well deserved reputation for extraordinary excellence. We are very aware of the prestige that comes with winning this contract,” says Chris Drew, business development manager at Baines Simmons.

“Effective safety management is achieved by undertaking an integrated, people-centric approach to achieve protection against undesired outcomes. A high quality SMS delivers improved safety reduced costs and increased operating efficiencies. The programme we will implement for BSP is a wide ranging and comprehensive project designed to enhance the airfield’s already robust aviation safety systems, with the goal of keeping Shell at the forefront of aviation safety in its daily operations.”

Brunei Shell Petroleum has been active in Brunei since 1929 and the Anduki Airfield has been in operation in Seria, a town in the Belait District of Brunei, for more than 60 years. It will continue to play a dominant role in the future of Brunei’s oil and gas industry.

Baines Simmons is recognised as an international market leader in the integration of safety performance management, specialising in securing organisation-wide cultural engagement for effective and sustainable world class SMS. It operates as a trusted partner to more than 350 of the world’s leading civil and military aviation organisations in 40 countries, including the Ministry of Defence. The company has well-established links with more than 30 regulators worldwide, including the UK CAA and EASA.