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Building world class safety management expertise

Baines Simmons Technical Staff Conference – November 2009

Building a globally respected resource of world class experts is rapidly becoming reality at Baines Simmons.

“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein 1879-1955

“At Baines Simmons we feel you get just that …access to some of the best professional experience in airworthiness, safety and risk management”

Over 40 Baines Simmons aviation experts were able to attend the recent November 2009 Technical Staff Conference held over two days in which we examined the principles, implications and issues of individual personal safety and organisational level safety management. Our teams focussed and examined some of the key issues and implications for our industry that have emerged from the recently published independent Haddon Cave Nimrod Review.

During the same week Baines Simmons experts were contributing to the development of emerging Human Factors Regulation at EASA in Cologne, training EASA Regulatory staff and attending the world’s leading Annual International Air Safety Seminar (IASS) 2009 in Beijing, China.

“Customers rightly demand capability in depth from their service partners, Baines Simmons leads the market in its level and commitment of staff development investment – which is aimed at delivering on our customers’ expectations. We aim to ensure we remain at the front of industry and new regulation developments and that we continue to offer world-class advice and expertise” – says MD Keven Baines.