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CAA International and Baines Simmons join forces to prepare air operators for new EASA regulations

Aviation safety expert Baines Simmons has been selected by CAA International (CAAi), a commercial subsidiary of the UK Civil Aviation Authority and training provider to industry, to enter a joint training initiative in order to provide training for operators and regulators on the requirements driven by the new Part-OR and Part-AR regulations being introduced by EASA in June 2011.

CAAiUnder EC Basic Regulation 216/2008, the world of flight operations is transitioning to a new regulatory system and a totally new reformatted horizontal regulatory structure. In the long term, the new regulations will have huge impact on all those working in the aviation industry but initially they will affect flight operators and regulators. All those working in this sector of the aviation industry need to make all the necessary changes to their ways of working to ensure they are compliant with the EASA regulations before the compliance date of 8 April 2012.

To comply with the new regulations, the flight operations sector will need to meet the EASA operations and safety requirements within a transition window of nine months. The implementation of SMS rules in the general organisational requirements is the aspect that is likely to be the most significant challenge in the industry, as this area has not previously been regulated so there has been no need to demonstrate compliance. These new rules will necessitate work on safety and operations manuals as well as further requirements that have yet to be published, including Fatigue Risk Management and cabin crew attestations among others. The impact of this is heightened by the emphasis being placed on the operators to demonstrate their means of compliance with the regulations.

The initial training for those in the flight operations sector is currently being designed in collaboration between Baines Simmons and CAAi. The training is licensed by CAAi and its development is the first step towards creating a suite of courses that will run into the future and which will adapt as the EASA requirements mature.

Designed to meet the demands of the transition, there is a one-day course introducing flight operators to the new requirements. For an audience of senior management, Accountable Managers and nominated post holders, this course highlights the difference in the new EASA requirements for operators, from the former EU-OPS and JAR-OPS 3 and will help organisations to prepare for the impact of the new European regulations.

There is a second two-day course designed for regulatory management and, more specifically, for flight operations inspectors – those who need to understand the transition to the new European regulations and structures. This is initially designed as mandatory training for the UK CAA flight operations inspectorate and is highly relevant for inspectors of national aviation authorities in all EASA member states. It is also applicable to competent authorities outside Europe who follow EASA-style regulations, for example some of the states in Asia and Australia.

“CAAi’s aim is to provide practical and relevant training courses which enable organisations to understand and interpret the regulations with which they have to comply,” states John Heather, training operations manager at CAAi. “We have been very fortunate to combine Baines Simmons course development expertise with our Flight Operations specialist knowledge to develop this suite of courses and believe the collaboration will benefit those organisations who require expert guidance through this transition.”

“This is the first time in many years that the industry has had to come to terms with such major regulatory change and it will take time and training to become compliant. While the long-term goal is to standardise regulations across the whole aviation industry, the ramification for flight operators will be significant over the next year and this is causing concern in the industry,” states Bob Simmons, technical director of Baines Simmons. “We are delighted to employ our expertise in the area of flight operations and to collaborate with CAAi to help implement the new EASA regulations. We believe this partnership is further evidence of Baines Simmons’ position as a world-class provider of aviation safety solutions.”

Baines Simmons is recognised as an international market leader in aviation safety training, operating as a trusted partner with more than 300 of the world’s leading civil and military aviation organisations. The company has well-established links with more than 30 regulators worldwide, including the UK CAA, the Ministry of Defence and it is currently the single largest supplier of safety and error management training to EASA.

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