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Baines Simmons partners the world’s major airlines, design, production and maintenance organisations to support the aviation industry’s ‘safer skies’ agenda

Unprecedented growth in global air traffic in the 21st century will stretch the aviation industry to breaking point unless there is a change in how risk is managed

According to ICAO, the global civil aviation market is predicted to increase at a constant rate for the next 20 years, fuelling economic growth and employment on a worldwide scale.

This trend reflects a backdrop of higher asset utilisation, larger fleets, continuous cost overhead reductions, increased passenger numbers, falling ticket revenues and ever demanding customer service improvements.

Moving to performance-based regulation

Despite continual improvement in global aviation safety statistics, with the UK in particular holding an excellent safety record, a new approach to effectively and proactively managing aviation safety risk will be required.

Until now, the civil aviation industry has responded to these challenges with ever increasing regulation and compliance guidance materials, initiating significant positive change around the world.

Looking ahead, ICAO and EASA are moving the industry towards a performance-based environment (PBE) and proactive risk management – or as we like to say, “looking ahead at the bow, rather than back at the wake”.

Keeping up-to-date with the new requirements, and being able to intelligently apply the intent of the regulations to get the most of this new performance-based approach is likely to be a challenge for many organisation. Changes ahead include:

  • The implementation of a new style of Management System Requirements, in the form of OR(X).GEN.200, including formal risk management, compliance monitoring and a greater emphasis on personnel competence.
  • A clearer personal accountability for the effectiveness of the management system.
  • The implementation of Safety Management requirements in the Initial and Continuing Airworthiness sectors
  • Greater regulation of non-commercial aviation
  • A more demanding integration of suppliers and contractors into approved organisation’s management system.
  • A new working relationship between regulated entities and the Authorities

How we can help

Our broad range of consulting services and training programmes support approved organisations in the fields of initial and continuing airworthiness, air operations and their associated contracted supplier organisations. Broadly, they are designed to improve your ability to:

  • Effectively manage aviation safety and understand how and where your organisation carries risk so that appropriate and timely mitigations can be implemented
  • Understand, comply with and above all know how to practically apply the regulations as they apply to your organisation, including understanding the implications of the new performance-based approach to regulation
  • Gain the total support and buy-in of your teams to improving safety performance of your organisation – from the executive boardroom through to the cockpit and maintenance area
  • Continuously improve regulatory compliance, quality and safety – learning from experience and proactively managing risks in your operation
  • Manage total safety, through integrated management systems, contributing to an efficient, safe and profitable business operation.