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EMAR M Approved: Setting the Defence Standard for Continuing Airworthiness across Europe

Baines Simmons completes important project to support the development of EMAR M for the European Defence Agency (EDA)

October 12th marked an important date for military continuing airworthiness with the approval of the last of the European Military Airworthiness Requirements – EMAR M. It also marks the successful completion of Baines Simmons’ specialist 18 month advisory programme for the European Defence Agency (EDA) for the provision of technical expertise and guidance to the group of national specialists who have been responsible for the drafting of the document.

Baines Simmons was contracted to provide both training and expert advice and guidance to the EDA’s Continuing Airworthiness Task Force who have been developing EMAR M for the past 18 months, providing the necessary technical expertise to help them understand the intent of the civilian regulation and the benefits of applying the appropriate elements of EASA Part M to meet the specific needs of the defence environment.

EMAR M, the last and arguably the most challenging of the suite of European Military Airworthiness Requirements, sets the standards for the management of Continuing Airworthiness for military aircraft across the EDA’s 27 participating Member States. It is regarded by many as defence global best-practice, providing the key to improve the management of fleet continuing airworthiness , helping air forces effectively manage aircraft safety, improve operational fleet availability and reliability and reduce maintenance costs. EASA Part M philosophies have already been adopted into the national regulations of a number of nations, including the UK.

Baines Simmons is a long-standing partner to the EDA, having already successfully supported them in the development of EMAR 66 which defines the harmonised requirements for Military Aircraft Maintenance Licensing. Both the projects for which Baines Simmons has provided support to the EDA have been won in open competition throughout Europe, and highlight the confidence the EDA has in Baines Simmons’ technical guidance, expertise and professionalism.

Commenting on the significance of this project to both Baines Simmons and to defence aviation, Bob Simmons said: “Our partnership with the EDA has allowed us to inform the development of this pivotal element of the defence airworthiness system. It was a privilege to work with the EDA’s Continuing Airworthiness Task Force 3, led by Col Pierre-Laurent Borras of the French Armée de l’Air, and to have had the opportunity to positively affect the airworthiness of the military aircraft operated in the 27 EDA participating Member States for decades to come.

“The records of our advice and the decisions of the Task Force were rigorously captured to form a complete historic record, providing a full and robust explanation of the intent of the EASA regulations that will be used by EDA for the development of future iterations of EMAR M. This is a significant new approach to developing the EMAR Requirements and is designed to help future readers understand the true intent of the requirements.”

The EDA’s Military Airworthiness Authorities (MAWA) Forum Chairman, Henk Corporaal, has been particularly delighted with the support provided by Baines Simmons. “EMAR M has been a very challenging document to write. It is the last of the EMARs to be developed, so it not only had to be coherent with all the work the MAWA Forum has achieved to date, but it also had to bring the civilian best-practice and procedures for the management of continuing airworthiness into the military context. The excellent support provided by Baines Simmons has been instrumental in ensuring that the Task Force responsible for developing EMAR M have had access to some of the very best experience and knowledge of the equivalent civilian regulations. Together with the excellent support provided to EDA during the development of EMAR 66, it has been a pleasure working with Baines Simmons on these very important projects.”


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