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Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department selects Baines Simmons to provide Airworthiness Training

Following a rigorous competitive tender process, the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (HK CAD) has chosen Baines Simmons, the leading aviation safety consultancy, to manage its airworthiness training programme for the 12 months commencing June 2012.

The prestigious £100,000 contract involves the provision of training on airworthiness tailored to Hong Kong’s specific requirements. This will be carried out through two 10-day courses facilitated by Baines Simmons. Over the 12-month period that the contract runs, these courses will be attended by a total of 70 delegates, all of whom will be stakeholders from the whole spectrum of aviation airworthiness disciplines. The training is designed to help attendees make better informed decisions in their work place by ensuring that they possess knowledge of the crucial inter-dependencies of the total airworthiness picture.

Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department selects Baines Simmons to provide Airworthiness Training

Mr CM Fok, Senior Airworthiness Officer and Course Co-ordinator (left) with Chris Drew, Business Development Manager at Baines Simmons

The Hong Kong airworthiness course is a comprehensive biannual event that explains the protocols and procedures laid down by HK CAD, EASA and other regulators. The course has been designed by Baines Simmons specifically to meet the authority’s goals of imparting a complete knowledge of the airworthiness process. It is relevant to established industry professionals seeking broad knowledge as well as experienced engineers and managers who want to keep up-to-date with the rules and regulations.

“The HK CAD is committed to providing the safest, most efficient and highest quality air transport system and to highlighting Hong Kong as a leading centre for international and regional aviation,” says Mr. CM FOK, the Course Coordinator of the HKCAD. “In selecting Baines Simmons to partner us for the provision of the Hong Kong airworthiness training we are confident we have chosen the organisation that offers the most technically competent and financially viable solution.”

“At Baines Simmons, we pride ourselves on the world-class support we offer the industry in pursuing cost-effective risk reduction that will result in competitive advantage,” says Chris Drew, Business Development Manager at Baines Simmons. “We are delighted to work with the HK CAD and use our expertise to bridge the gap between the regulator and the regulated, so helping to make regulatory compliance a cost-effective solution for Hong Kong based aviation businesses.”

Baines Simmons is an independent aviation safety consultancy, recognised as an international market leader in the integration of safety performance management and specialising in securing organisation-wide cultural engagement for effective and sustainable world class Safety Management Systems. It operates as a trusted partner to more than 350 of the world’s leading civil and military aviation organisations in 40 countries, including the Ministry of Defence. The company has well-established links with more than 30 regulators worldwide, including the UK CAA and EASA.