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HPL and Baines Simmons join forces to offer Human Performance Management

Baines Simmons has recently signed a partnership agreement with Human Performance and Leadership Ltd (HPL), in a collaborative venture to create a new generation of ground-breaking strategic consulting products and services for the aviation industry that will shape the way safety management is viewed and achieved in the future.

The alliance will add HPL’s thought leadership and knowledge in the field of human performance management to Baines Simmons’ experience and intelligence as an industry-leading aviation safety improvement specialist. This evolution will result in a more mature and solutions-led approach being available to the aviation industry, through programmes designed to lead to fewer errors, less rework and waste, increased efficiency and safety, improved staff morale, better service and increased profitability.

HPL and Baines Simmons join forces to offer Human Performance Management

Baines Simmons Technical Director, Bob Simmons and HPL Director, Jacqui-Walker-Sutton

Fundamental to both HPL’s and Baines Simmons’ philosophy is the understanding that safety management is a people-centric undertaking, requiring active safety leadership and positive safety cultures opening the way for change. A human performance management programme is the key to effecting measureable, visible and permanent behaviour change. It is accomplished by developing safety behaviours that are achievable and easy to maintain – so maximising safety performance output.

“We are excited to be combining the knowledge we have gained as an innovator in the aviation safety improvement business with HPL’s unrivalled excellence in providing human performance management solutions,” states Bob Simmons, technical director at Baines Simmons. “The skills we will jointly offer will enable us to aid our clients in their endeavours to develop and maintain safety behaviours that will become automatic for the individuals involved throughout each client organisation. This will provide a transition from simply understanding to actually achieving positive change – a key requirement for fully developing a true safety culture.”

“We are delighted to be taking the capabilities and acumen we have honed in the energy industry to work with Baines Simmons and so bring the benefits of human performance management to a new sector,” says Jacqui Walker-Sutton, director at HPL. “We will work together to help organisations move from being simply compliant to performing from all perspectives – safety, efficiency and financial.”

Established six years ago, HPL specialises in human performance management, developing systematic approaches to improve the outcomes achieved by both individuals and organisations. It has achieved an enviable reputation in the energy industry, working for and with clients including NNB GenCo (nuclear new build), Westinghouse, CBRNE Ltd, Nuclear AMRC, EdF (and formerly British Energy), Serco and Grupo Dominguis.

Baines Simmons is a recognised world-leader in aviation safety improvement consulting. It partners more than 400 civil and military clients across 40 countries, providing advisory, consulting, training and outsourced managed services. The company is currently the largest single training provider to EASA and has partnered with more than 30 national aviation authorities around the world.