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Just Culture presentation at Royal Aeronautical Society Conference

Keven Baines, Managing Director of Baines Simmons Ltd, was recently invited to speak at a Royal Aeronautical Society conference organized by the Rail and Aviation Standing Group of the Human Factors Committee, and took the opportunity to share with the audience the company’s work in developing the FAiR™ System.

The conference in May 2009 attracted speakers from the UK and US including Emeritus Professor James Reason and Dr Steve Predmore from JetBlue Airlines with delegates coming from across the transport modes as well as from healthcare.

The presentation entitled “Just Culture – from aspiration to reality” looked to move the audience beyond what is already known about the subject to focus on a practical application that is currently in development at Baines Simmons Ltd: the FAiR™ System.

The FAiR™ System offers a consistent and impartial approach to interpreting and evaluating the findings from an event investigation, bridging the gap between an investigation and disciplinary processes. Behavioural classifications are used to determine the nature of errors, enabling management to assess levels of culpability and ensure the most appropriate remedial actions.

Keven explained, “We wanted to put something together that does not require extensive training, minimizes variability and stands the test. People just get it, it’s easy to use and straightforward.”

The presentation on Just Culture concluded with a discussion on the challenges organizations face with implementing and maintaining an open reporting culture. The experience of Baines Simmons clients has shown that a significant increase in reporting is possible “providing you prove to people that something changes as a result of their report, and that you won’t inappropriately punish them.”

The actions taken after an event are the single biggest determiner of an organization’s safety management success. Tools such as the FAiR™ System enable the objective, transparent and fair management of an open reporting culture and demonstrate an organization’s ongoing commitment to the principles of a Just Culture policy.

The FAiR™ System is freely available for use through the Baines Simmons website and Keven commented that the audience’s feedback on its usability would be valued.

Copies of both the visual and audio presentation can be accessed at http://www.raes-hfg.com/reports/21may09-Potential/21may09-Potential.php

Please click here for further information on the FAiR™ System