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Keven Baines Presents New Thinking on Safety Leadership at CHC Safety Summit

Key components of his presentation, which was very highly rated by delegates, included:

  • What does GOOD safety leadership look like?
  • How to bridge the gap between middle management and the board room
  • Why SMS performance directly correlates to active safety leadership
  • Why safety leadership cannot purely be regulated into existence
  • How to harness the power of risk-based decision-making

Delegates were asked to self-assess themselves against 10 critical safety leadership questions to help them decide if, and to what extent, safety leadership exists in their organisations. An online version of this self-assessment safety leadership tool will soon be available on the Baines Simmons website (

Duncan Trapp, VP Safety & Quality at CHC Helicopter, said: “Delegate feedback has put Keven’s presentation into the top echelons of all the sessions at the Summit, which enjoys the support and participation of many of the world’s leading safety experts. His views on safety leadership were thought-provoking and challenging – just what we need when it comes to setting the bar ever higher for safety standards across the industry. Performance in safety management has come a considerable way over recent years but is a challenge we all need to continuously strive to improve.”

Safety Leadership is one of the key elements of Baines Simmons’ range of Safety and Risk Management Consultancy Services, which together with our comprehensive suite of SMS training programmes, continues to be highly credited by industry.