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KLM – Europe’s safest airline 2014

We’re delighted to announce that KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, has been voted Europe’s safest airline and the role we played in their journey to safety performance acknowledged by the COO, Michiel van Dorst. Keven Baines presented him with a special crystal award to commemorate this achievement.

Michiel van Dorst said: “The cooperation with Baines Simmons was a business decision focussed on safety performance. With our goal to be the safest airline in the world, Baines Simmons was the partner we were looking for. We took up an airline wide program, working together from a systems perspective as well as a culture perspective. It resulted in a reduction on high risk occurrences of 40% in four years.

KLM - Europe's Safest Airline“As a consequence, it also helped us to reduce lost time in our processes which directly influences the bottom line. We now have a fully compliant ISMS, that was audited by our CAA last December. It is performance and risk-based, focussing on delivering safety by design instead of discovering safety on the way.

“Baines Simmons didn’t bring in a pre specified golden book, however it was a real partnership, both of us learning along the way. Their teams supported us with high level as well as in depth scans on the state of our organization, as well as with discussing safety strategies and stepping stones to move the organization further ahead.

“Baines Simmons and their great people are an important partner on our journey towards an ever safer KLM.”