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Launch of new management tool to help put safety at the heart of aviation business

Baines Simmons launches pioneering new system to help aviation organisations embed a strong relationship between business culture and safety systems, and understand how sound Safety Management Systems provide real business benefit.

A new management diagnostic tool from Baines Simmons has been launched and is helping revolutionise the way aviation businesses thinks about safety. Called SMARRT™, (which stands for Safety Management and Risk Reduction Tool), the new system focuses on measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of key business activities and the likelihood of them delivering the intended safe outcome. The results are benchmarked against regulatory requirements, and industry best practice to assist company decision makers prioritise their actions based on risk.

‘Many organisations see safety as a series of actions to avoid incidents,’ explains Baines Simmons Managing Director Keven Baines. ‘We however prefer to think of it as the natural result of good management. And so we’re now helping companies make sure that it becomes integral element of everything they say and do from board-level down.’

SMARRT™ consists of six diagnostic tools, covering a range of issues from error management and maintenance management, to airworthiness management and quality management, with new tools being added to enhance operational safety.

SMARRT™ is market leading because it works at the heart of the organisations culture. The diagnostic tools are used by subject matter experts within the organisation’s facilities to assess performance against specific criteria proven to deliver successful outcomes. The findings are then summarised into a two part report. One defines at a detailed level what was found. The second is an Executive Report which summarises the key issues that need to be addressed and categorises them into risk levels.

SMARRT™ is not an audit, it is an Inquiry but without the accident – proactive assessment of the systems that make an organisation safe and efficient.

‘SMARRT™ is a stepping stone to enabling companies to change culture and report events openly, assess risks and mitigate them,’ continues Baines. ‘It’s widely recognised by those involved in safety that managing safety also saves money. This tool helps to prove it to the board.’

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Notes for editors: Baines Simmons is an international leader in airworthiness and aviation safety consulting and training, with offices in the UK, America, Australia and Hong Kong. It supports the aviation industry in pursuing cost-effective risk reduction that results in competitive advantage, bridging the gap between the regulator and the regulated. The company offers expert support on a broad range of safety, airworthiness and aircraft maintenance disciplines, providing a valuable resource that few clients could retain in-house.