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Baines Simmons is at the forefront of many of the major changes that continue to take place in the world of defence aviation

For more than a decade we have acted as trusted safety partners to European military regulatory organisations including the UK’s Military Aviation Authority (MAA) and the European Defence Agency (EDA). Our experience and expertise in safety management is helping to shape the future aviation safety of the military air operations of the Royal Navy, the British Army, the Royal Air Force (RAF), and Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) of the UK Armed Forces.

The Nimrod Review – Haddon-Cave Report

Our safety culture expertise was recognised in The Nimrod Review: Haddon-Cave Report 2009 which highlighted the need for safety management, culture and systems change in the Armed Forces. This continues today with our work alongside the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) in helping to implement their Defence Aviation Error Management System (DAEMS) – a significant aviation safety improvement project which will see many thousands of aviation specialist personnel trained in safety culture and error management which, as a result of cultural change, will have a major impact on saving lives.

Baines Simmons has also, through its long-standing engagement with the UK MAA to provide advice and guidance relating to the development and implementation of Airworthiness Regulations, been highly influential in the implementation of the Military Airworthiness Review (ARC), MRP Part 145 and CAMO approval regulations. We have also fulfilled a regulatory oversight role for the MAA, conducting independent compliance audits relating to MRP Part 145 approval.

Looking ahead, the need to keep up to speed with evolving military regulations, including the new European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMAR) will affect military organisations and MOD contractors alike. Following on from our development work on EMAR 66, Baines Simmons is again supporting the EDA with specialist advice and guidance for the drafting of EMAR-M, helping to set standards for the management of Continuing Airworthiness for military aircraft in Europe for many years to come.

Over the next two years, as European defence organisations start to implement Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) rules for military aircraft types, we will be focusing our attention on supporting the competence development of Defence CAMOs and related staff to improve their skills to fulfil the true potential of the requirements. Early engagements with DE&S and RAF 22 (Training) Group have been very successful.

Challenges you may be facing

  • Does your team fully understand the requirements of MRP Part 145 and are you confident they are capable of interpreting the regulations in their daily tasks and planning activities?
  • Are you confident that everyone involved with your platform’s CAMO and maintenance activities understand their role, responsibilities and their Continuing Airworthiness objectives?
  • Are your top three Continuing Airworthiness risks known and is responsibility for their mitigation/resolution appropriately owned?
  • Are you confident that you continuously know your aircraft’s level of compliance with the platform ADS?
  • Are your platform’s aircrew actively involved with the management of Continuing Airworthiness and the CAMO involved in Operational decisions

How we can help

  • Regulatory training – helping you to understand and apply the regulations within your unit
  • Competence development – showing you how to get maximum performance out of your people and processes
  • Oversight Auditing Service – helping to relieve pressure on overstretched resources, we can serve as independent auditors to provide greater confidence in your assurance abilities and assist with transferring new skills, fresh insights and fresh perspectives into your team