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Military Airworthiness Regulator Human Factors Overview training

Formerly known as CASD, the Military Airworthiness Regulator (MAR) held a very successful and engaging one day Managers’ HF workshop facilitated by Baines Simmons.

This high-impact workshop has been developed by Baines Simmons to provide leaders and managers with an understanding of the key aspects of Human Factors. This was the first such training course MAR have undertaken and we are proud to have been selected as their safety partner in the journey to developing and delivering the early enablers for managing error in military aviation.

Keven Baines MD Baines Simmons commented. “With such positive client feedback I felt it was time to remind ourselves of the fundamental link between successful Human Factors and Error Management programmes and formal Safety Management Systems. As the industry focuses on formal Safety Management Systems (SMS), We must not forget the primary hazard (or loss generator) is us…the humans! No Human Factors programme = no SMS, full stop.”

One of the Senior Officers participating commented, “This was possibly the best 1 day course I have done in 25 years service (within the Royal Navy). Many lessons to learn and apply – not just to Military Aviation, but across all areas where management of personnel is involved. Thank You!”