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New Core Competence Framework for Continuing Airworthiness Professionals

April 2019

CAMOs are a critical function in the European aviation safety system.  The CAMO function not only plays a key role in managing and safeguarding the airworthiness of an aircraft, but it can also be a huge influencing factor on operational performance, linking the Air Operator to Maintenance Organisations.  Optimising maintenance programmes so that your organisation benefits from more reliable aircraft, greater aircraft availability and cost management are just some of the benefits that an effective CAMO can contribute to an Operator.  Yet, the path towards building staff competence in Continuing Airworthiness is in its infancy and as a result, inconsistent.

CAMO professionals do not have access to established syllabi or development plans; there are no professional licences for CAMO professionals in the industry. Instead, competence development is reliant on learning from attending discrete training courses, peers as well as trial and experience. This can be sometimes be effective but, in our experience, more often or not, leaves organisations exposed due to knowledge or skills gaps or requires a lengthy period of exposure to the CAMO environment before the individual really starts to make an operational impact.

In response to this competence challenge, we have built a competence framework aimed at all CAMO staff.  It is based on our extensive experience of working with CAMO organisations as well as our understanding of the Part M requirements.  The framework identifies the knowledge and skills areas CAMO professionals require to be successful and shows how this competence should be progressed.  Our accompanying CAMO pathway highlights the available route to competence that you may wish to adopt with Baines Simmons, which showcases some exciting new courses introduced in the practitioner space:  planning skills, technical services and maintenance programmes.  But we know that classroom training alone does not lead to competence.   To help with fast tracking competence development, we also offer organisations assistance with consolidating learning outside of the classroom.  These include a mixture of webinars or workshops, on-the-job support from employers and self-study to support classroom learning and will be tailored for your organisation’s needs.

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