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Our Aviation Safety Academy Training Centre

Fairoaks Airport

Whilst our Virtual Classrooms have proved very popular and will continue to feature on our course schedule, we’re pleased to be able to open the doors of our Academy once again for face-to-face classroom training and continue to offer face to face training in-company as well.

Ensuring the safety of our delegates and trainers is our priority, so we’ve made appropriate changes including adapting classrooms and class sizes to ensure social distancing.

In addition, we’re following all government guidelines to ensure contact tracing, regular cleaning, and hand sanitising facilities are available.

We’re also delighted to announce that we are now able to offer face to face training in 2 locations:

  1. Aviation Safety Academy at Fairoaks in Surrey
  2. National Safety and Security Training centre in Doncaster, the home of our colleagues at Redline Assured Security.

Rest assured safety is our priority. If you’re keen to return to face to face training keep an eye on our course updates here. All of our Academy training courses can also be delivered in-company. https://www.bainessimmons.com/aviation-training/

If you prefer to train remotely, our virtual training courses are also regularly updated see https://www.bainessimmons.com/virtual-classrooms-for-aviation-safety-training/

Here’s what our customers say:

“A superb overview of the process directed at the right level of knowledge.”

“Knowledgeable and credible instructor facilitated learning in a flexible way that encouraged debate and helped everyone learn from each other”

 “Overall, excellent course. In-depth knowledge of each area involved in the Airworthiness review process. “

“Allowed good interaction with candidates and happy to allow discussions as required.”