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Principal Consultant publishes second book

Aircraft Failure Assessments: A Practical Guide for System Safety

Principal Consultant and Initial Airworthiness/Part 21 Subject Matter Leader, Duane Kritzinger, has published a new book, titled: Aircraft Failure Assessments: A Practical Guide for System Safety. The book presents a practical guide for the novice safety practitioner in the more specific area of assessing aircraft system failures to show compliance to regulations such as FAR25.1302 and 1309. A case study and safety strategy threads through the book, showing the reader how to bring safety assessment together in a logical and efficient manner.

Aircraft System SafetyCommenting on what motivated him to write the book, Duane said: “The Safety Assessments required to demonstrate compliance to FAA and/or EASA requirements are challenging to compile and often difficult to programme manage. In my experience, while individual aspects within the complexity of a comprehensive System Safety Assessment are well understood within their respective functional/ discipline silos, managing the programme to compile and collate a meaningful end result proves difficult and challenging. This book aims to address these issues in a practical way.”

Written to supplement (not replace) the content of the advisory material to these regulations (e.g. AMC25.1309) as well as the main supporting reference standards (e.g. SAE ARP 4761, RTCA/DO-178, RTCA/DO-154), this book strives to amalgamate all these different documents into a consolidated strategy with simple process maps to aid in their understanding and optimise their efficient use.

Taking a practical approach to assessing aircraft system failures, this book:

  • Covers the effect of design, manufacturing and maintenance errors and the effects of common component errors
  • Evaluates the malfunctioning of multiple aircraft components and the interaction which various aircraft systems have on the ability of the aircraft to continue safe flight and landing
  • Presents and defines a case study (an aircraft modification program) and a safety strategy in the second chapter, after which each of the following chapters will explore the theory of the technique required and then apply the theory to the case study

Duane’s first book was titled: “Aircraft System Safety: Military and Civil Aeronautical Applications”.

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