Military Aviation Approvals
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Military Aviation Approvals

Military Aviation Approvals – Initial/New Approvals

Expert services and support to guide you through the complex procedures of acquiring your first or a new approval

Gaining a Military Aviation Approval

If you are seeking an organisational approval for the first time, you may find the regulatory landscape a minefield to navigate. Our team of regulatory experts will be able to guide and assist you through as much or as little of the process as you want to help you achieve an approval that is safe, fit-for-purpose and efficient. We have the ability to operate on behalf of national Military Aviation Authorities (nMAA) to professionally assess Handbooks/Expositions from applicant organisations and provide detailed compliance audits in support of the approvals.

Challenges you may be facing

  • Gaining your first approval and understanding the process
  • Understanding and Managing new risk-based oversight procedures
  • Understanding and keeping up-to-date with the regulations and knowing how they affect your organisation
  • Demonstrating management competence to your Regulatory Authority
  • Ensuring that the Handbook/Expositions are fit for purpose and used as basics working documents in your organisation

How we can help with your Military Aviation Approval

Our regulatory experts work with you to help you to:

  • Understand and apply the regulations as they pertain to your organisation and under the terms of your approval
  • Engage more effectively with your regulator, building their confidence in your activities
  • Help with the approval application process
  • Write, review or amend related documentation such as expositions, contracts, and procedures
  • Undertake gap analysis, risk/benefit surveys and audits
  • Provide management competence development and training
  • Provide technical skills competence development and training
  • Demonstrate compliance with either MRP obligations or EMAR requirements, as they have been adopted by your nMAA
  • Assist with recruitment of new staff
  • Prepare you for Nominated Person/Form 4 Holder interviews with your regulator

Do you have the right organisational structure and organisational capacity for ensuring your approval is issued by your regulator?

The structure of your organisation and associated roles and accountabilities for compliance need to be clearly documented and shared across your organisation if it is to be successful in gaining an approval. We can help you to assess if you have the right capacity – human and technical – to ensure compliance is not compromised and make sure there is clarity of reporting lines and a shared understanding of the compliance measures that need to be implemented across the organisation.

Do your senior managers have the skills and competence to manage an approved organisation?

The competence of senior managers in approved organisations plays a significant part in sustaining flight safety. The MAA, and the EDA (through the EMARs) have specified requirements for key personnel that must be met in order to maintain compliance. From understanding your legal accountabilities to being able to effectively assess compliance with the regulations and develop efficient business systems and processes, we can help you to efficiently and proactively manage the broad range of skills and competence development your organisation requires.