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EASA Airworthiness Regulations

EASA Regulations

Intelligent regulatory adoption is based on understanding the content and applying the intent of the regulations

With ICAO and EASA driving for more effective management of safety via the introduction of Performance-Based Regulation (PBR), Risk-Based Oversight (RBO) and Performance-Based Oversight (PBO), it is clear that organisations will need time to adapt their philosophies, procedures, processes, systems and people to this new way of thinking.

Moving from a prescriptive regulatory environment with defined means of compliance to a performance-based environment which relies on risk-based oversight and the adoption of  performance indicators supports our total approach to organisational safety. We all know that at the heart of a safe operation is the need for compliance; but being compliant does not necessarily equate to being safe.

Our Expertise

We help individuals and organisations become skilled in interpreting the intent of the regulation so that a more business-focussed approach to compliance can be aligned with the new regulatory philosophies.

Our civil aviation airworthiness regulations expertise relates to the following EASA airworthiness regulations:

Challenges you may be facing

  • You need to understand the intent of the regulations in a business context
  • You need to increase your understanding of the regulations to implement an efficient and safe approved organisation
  • You’ve an unclear picture of your regulatory compliance management system and how it aligns with business objectives
  • You’re struggling to keep abreast of the constantly evolving regulatory landscape
  • You’re struggling to achieve an effective airworthiness organisation

How we can help

  • Regulatory training – helping you to understand and know how to apply the regulations within your organisation
  • Refresher training – helping you to keep abreast of new practices, policies and procedures in accordance with the regulations
  • Competence Development – showing you how to get maximum performance out of your people and processes
  • Advisory and Diagnostic Services – uncovering areas of non-compliance and risk within your organisation and creating practical solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce risk
  • Airworthiness Competence Development Pathway – see how our training programmes and consulting services create a unified competence pathway for improved organisational performance and personal career progression