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EASA Part 145

EASA Regulations – Part 145

EASA Part 145 – Approved Maintenance Organisations

Part 145 regulates the approval of aircraft maintenance organisations. If you are involved in the day-to-day handling of your organisation’s Part 145 approval, we can help you understand the intent of the regulations and how to apply a more practical approach to compliance and recognise the longer term benefits that come with greater levels of performance.

We can help you to:

  • Apply a more business-focused approach to maintenance organisation compliance
  • Manage an effective Part 145 approval – the organisation, documentation, planning and control
  • Understand Form 4 Holder and Management responsibilities
  • Increase Regulator confidence in you and your organisation
  • Ensure the application of safe and compliant Maintenance Standards

Challenges you might be facing

  • You need to improve efficiency and reduce costs through smarter alignment of processes and procedures in compliance with the regulation
  • You need to build your confidence in discussing Part 145 with your colleagues and regulatory staff
  • You need to understand better the inter-relation with Human Factors, Error Management and Quality Assurance for improved overall performance
  • You need clarity with regard to your Form 4 Holder and Management responsibilities
  • You’re new to your role and need an overview of how the regulations inter-relate with other approvals and management systems
  • You need to understand how your organisation will be impacted by the bilateral safety agreement between Europe and the USA

How we can help

  • Advisory support
  • Introductory training at our Aviation Safety Academy
  • Bespoke in-company training and competence development programme covering Regulations, Compliance and Error Management
  • Maintenance Consulting Services – Diagnostics and Performance Reviews
  • Assistance with the initial granting or variation of approvals and responding to regulatory oversight audits
  • Continuing Airworthiness Competence Development Pathway – see how our training programmes and consulting services create a unified competence pathway for improved organisational performance and personal career progression